Ross M Brown’s solo exhibition CONCRETE MYTHS

Ross M Brown has a new solo exhibition at Lacey Contemporary Gallery called – Concrete Myths.

This new body of work was created following a research trip to the derelict Haludovo Palace Hotel on Kirk Island, a 1970s luxury resort designed by Modernist architect Boris Magas.

Brown depicts the dilapidated location in a series of large scale paintings that often reference formal tropes more commonly associated with Modernist abstraction.


CONCRETE MYTHS – Ross M Brown  | Art-PieRoss M Brown’s work channels the experience of architectural space through the medium and history of painting.  Exploring subject matter found within abandoned Modernist architecture, the artist layers disparate approaches from the history of painting producing a palimpsest of diverging and converging painterly approaches.

Relating to the urban ruin as a hybrid space where divisions between past and present, architecture and nature, order and disorder have become blurred and indistinct, Brown employs a painting process which pits rigidly constructed perspective against the fluid materiality of poured, smeared and dripped paint.

WHAT – Concrete Myths by Ross M Brown
WHERE – Lacey Contemporary gallery, 8 Clarendon Cross, London W11 4AP
WHEN – 17th June (preview) till 4th July 2015

Boy Soldiers Exhibition at Graffik London


A group of specially selected artists that have come together to produce their unique interpretations of the legendary Howard Marks (known as an elite British drug smuggler)

Artists taking part include Goldie, Charles Lutz and Terry Cryer, and these exclusive portraits will culminate in an exhibition at RedHouse Originals (Harrogate) in October to coincide with the UK cinema release of the ‘Mr Nice’ film. Continue reading Boy Soldiers Exhibition at Graffik London

Mexican city giant mural by artists’ collective known as the German Crew

We are always happy to see people dedicated to bringing art into communities that typically remain miles away from it for various reasons, such as poverty.

So when we heard about this project, called “Pachuca Paints Itself”, in central Mexico by an artists’ collective known as the German Crew, we had to feature it on Art-Pie.

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Pachuca Paints Itself | Art-Pie

Hundreds of houses painted

The collective spent 14 months turning the steep hillside area of Las Palmitas into something a colossal and very much alive mural.  It was an incredible effort to change people’s perception of a neighbourhood previously seen as rather gloomy and rough – art at its best, art to its best use.

“We have painted 209 houses. Every color represents the soul of the neighborhood. It has been a community effort as each household has participated in some way,” said project director Enrique Gomez, who goes by MYBE.

MYBE is a reformed and tattooed gang member who is now focusing all his attention on graffiti art and muralism.

Pachuca Paints Itself | Art-Pie

The project in numbers –

– 209 house painted
– 5,000 gallons (20,000 litres) of paint used
– More than 16,000 square feet (1,500 square meters) of murals covered

Even better, we hear that thanks to the huge success of this project, another impoverished area called Cubitos, is next to be painted happy.

Pachuca Paints Itself |Art-Pie Pachuca Paints Itself | Art-Pie Pachuca Paints Itself | Art-Pie Pachuca Paints Itself | Art-Pie

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