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Star wars as greek statues

Greek Star Wars Sculptures | Art-Pie

Classical Greek sculpture We all went to a museum one day (well I hope you did, if not you guys are missing out!) which has a Classical art collection often consisting of a series of nude hunks sculptures. In the Classical period there was a revolution in Greek statuary, usually associated with the introduction of democracy and the end of the aristocratic culture associated with the kouroi. The Classical period saw changes in the style and function of sculpture. Poses became... Read More

Jota Leal’s Star Wars themed artworks

Jota Leal was born in a humble little town in eastern Venezuela, in the mid-eighties. He began drawing and painting at a very young age, and never studied fine art. He attempted to sit in class as a child of six, but ran away after being forced to paint plastic fruit and empty bottles. Jota’s style results in a synergy of remarkable painting skill and a probing sense of the subject’s soul, and often tweaked with a remarkable sense of humor. Leal works with pencil on paper,... Read More

Star Wars “The ARTIST Awakens” Art Exhibition at Underdog gallery

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5 awesome Star Wars themed prints by RYCA & Trafford Parsons

Star Wars themed prints | Art-Pie

With the release of yet another episode of the Star Wars saga – Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, later on this year we looked at how much artists get inspired by it and selected 10 pieces we felt were worth sharing. May the (art) force be with you. Enjoy these 5 awesome Star Wars themed prints by RYCA & Trafford Parsons “Han Echoes Red” by RYCA “Choose your droid” by RYCA “R2 Tag2” by RYCA “Rebel Rebel”... Read More

Star Wars characters does the Eighties style

Denis Medri's Star Wars | Art-Pie

Artist Denis Medri gives us his vision on how would several Star Wars characters look like if they were from the Eighties. This series is awesome and Denis, beyond is obvious pencil drawing skills, managed to cleverly transpose two worlds miles apart. Have a look at the pictures below along with the artist’s comments – “of course Luke is inspired by Marty McFly form Back to the Future… Leila is the classic 80’s chick…” “Here is... Read More