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Banksy’s Police SWAT Van Is About To be Sold At Auction

Banksy Swat Van | Art-Pie

Detail of one of the two painted sides Banksy fans will remember this SWAT (police units used in specialised operations such as dealing with gunmen) van which the artist painted back in 2006 as form of provocation towards the police force. Well, it is time to empty your pockets if you want it parked on your drive way, indeed the street artist’s van is included in the auction house’s Post-War and Contemporary Art auction on June 29. The formal estimate is at between £200,000... Read More

Banksy’s new work on a wall of a Bristolian school

The finished work by Banksy of the wall of the school – Copyright Local World A large number of people always get quite to very excited when a new Banksy work is discovered and we must admit, we were one of these this time round when we read this morning about this new work somewhere near Bristol… Keep reading on. A contest amongst pupils at the origin of all this Click to enlarge Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol, where Banksy dropped his latest piece, organised... Read More

New Banksy in Calais depicts Steve Jobs

You’ve probably heard of Banksy‘s Dismaland, a dystopian amusement park which closed its doors in October of this year.  However you may not have known the installations used for this art project have since been transferred to the port-side town of Calais France by volition Banksy himself.  Labeled “Dismal Aid”, the timber and building materials have been repurposed into housing, children’s play areas, and community centers for the 7000+ Syrian... Read More

Banksys now wears shoes

Banksy | Art-Pie

Have you seen that trend in London? Some street art works  are getting propped up. With sneakers. Thank you Stephanie for sending these in! First seen hon  Read More

10 Banksy facts – did you know?

Banksy | Art-Pie

He was behind a famous hoax in 2004, where Photoshopped copies of Paris Hilton’s album were distributed in HMV shops. The same year, he created and distributed fake £10 notes. This piece was commissioned by Bono when it was a guest editor at The Independent He has had 6 exhibitions since 2002. These are Existencilism, 2002, LA. Turf War, 2003, London. Barely Legal, LA, 2006. Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill, 2008, New York. The Cans Festival, 2008 London. Banksy vs Bristol... Read More