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A Beautiful Disorder – sculptures from Chinese artists

C 2016 Cass Sculpture Foundation, Zhao Yao, Rendering of A Sculpture of Thought I-192 , 2015 | Art-Pie

A major exhibition of new outdoor sculptures created by 18 contemporary Greater Chinese artists is about to open at Cass Sculpture Foundation. A leading sculpture foundation in England will display the first major exhibition of outdoor sculpture by contemporary Greater Chinese artists to be shown in the UK. The exhibition invites the viewer to reflect on China’s past, present and future relationship with the world at large, and provides valuable insight into the state... Read More

10 mind blowing sculptures from all around the world

"The immigrant sculpture" | Art-Pie

We came across these mind-blowing sculptures and could not resist sharing them with you. Defying gravity or just beautiful, you can decide for yourself. We hope you’ll enjoy them. Why not telling us about them in the comments below? Click to enlarge Name: “The Immigrant Sculpture” by Bruno Catalano Location: Portugal Meaning:  Symbolizing luggage full of dreams but an empty heart, because you are leaving everything behind. Click to enlarge Name: “Popped... Read More

Spray cans sculptures

Kresimir Buden - Art-Pie

We instantly fell in love when we first saw these little wonders of sculpture. Kresimir Buden 2Fast is the sculptor behind these creations which obviously are graffiti inspired. The artist is based in Zagreb (Croatia) and use various brands of spray cans from Montana to Ironlak.  You will have noticed the Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans version amongst others. I do not know for you but we particularly like the green one. What about you? Click on the images below to launch... Read More

Wire sculptures by David Oliveira

David Oliveira | Art-Pie

Is “wire sculpture” becoming a thing? Well we met Robin Wight and his beautiful Fairies Wire Sculptures and we were astonished by the outcome. Meet David Oliveira and his animal wire sculptures. His manipulation of wire to create a zoo of mind-boggling animal sculptures is just crazy. have you ever tried to make something out of the wire thingy around a champagne cork? Yes you did . But take it to the next level and you get what might look like for some some sort... Read More

Fairies Wires sculpture by Robin Wight

Robin Wight & his fairies wires sculptures | Art-Pie

Sculpture is a fantastic form of art and here, at Art-Pie, our interest is growing every day. Especially when you see what a bit of imagination and craftsmanship can do. Meet Robin Wight, artist based in Staffordshire (England) who has taken wires sculptures to the next level. Fairies at the bottom of the garden Here is what he says about how his interest for wires fairies sculptures came about. You will indeed notice that the artist has a keen interest in depicting fantasy... Read More