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D*Face, from stickers design to art galleries

D*Face | Art-Pie

‘CLI-CHE’ by D*FACE Some of the most iconic art to hit the streets and cover the walls of London is the work of an artist known as D*Face. From the skeletal bust of Marylyn Monroe to the irreverent images of Queen Elizabeth II, his distinctive style is easily recognised by its characteristic blend of skateboard punk and Pop Art. D*Face is a British street artist, who over the years has experimented with many art mediums. Starting with stickers, posters and sidewalk... Read More

“Misprints & Misfits” by D*FACE at Stolen Space

“Wall Hugger” by D*FACE (click to enlarge) StolenSpace Gallery is proud to present ‘Misprints & Misfits’, a series of one off paper pieces by D*Face. Delving into the deepest depths of D*Face’s print archives, it does as it says on it’s sticky print tin, showcasing unseen paper pieces, one offs, proofs, misprints and editions never before released. D*Face claims that Screen printing changed his life, “From the first Andy Warhol canvases I saw, to the... Read More

An Old Spanish Church Transformed by Street Artist Okuda

Okuda | Art-Pie

A truly amazing project: a historic church in the Spanish city of llanera was transformed into a skate-park earlier this year by La Iglesia Skate. The venue called Kaos Temple underwent a radical and colourful transformation at the hands of street-artist Okuda San Miguel. We previously reported on this artist and pointed out his recognizable style of bright and isometric paintings. The result is astonishing and gives another dimension to the church. We included a few shots... Read More

Haroshi at Stolen Space

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

As soon as you step in Stolen Space, you cannot help but look to the right as you have spotted something big from the corner of your eye. It is there. The vultur is looking at you. No I have not gone mad but am only looking at Haroshi‘s masterpiece depicting what looks like a vultur with one noticeable detail – the wings are made of old skateboards decks. The gallery is hosting until the 3/11, Haroshi’s first solo show in this space and promised us something... Read More

A glow in the dark skate park

Otro by Koo Jeong-A | Art_Pie

We all like when art means having fun, don’t we? How about then if you could skateboard on a sculpture and even better glow-in-the-dark skate park? Yes you would or at least you would support the concept. The concept is out there in fact and in France precisely. Korean artist Koo Jeong-A has come up with a solution. The structure is called Otro, and is made from green phosphorescent concrete (how cool is that) so it gives off a radioactive glare at night. It is composed... Read More