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ROA at Pure Evil gallery: raw

I have been going around London many times to try to snap up some street art and came across ROA’s stuff on several occasions. I knew little about the guy from Ghent (Belgium) and was therefore very keen on finding out more about him and his obsession with picturing large scale urban wildlife through his spray paint cans. I headed then to Pure Evil gallery for what I was pretty convinced would be something very different with most exhibitions I have seen so far this year.... Read More

Jaybo Monk at Stolen Space: stormy time

I was as excited to find out about Stolen Space as I was to find out about Jabo Monk’s new works. Both did not dissapoint. I like the sobriety of the venue with that quirky artwork of roads signs outside the gallery – nice touch. This out of the way let’s now focus on Jaybo and his unique manner of using spray paint, acrylics and tar sands (also known as oil sands). Read More  Read More

‘Brushes’ iPhone app: painting at the touch of your finger

If you read my post about digital painting, you may have got that ART-PIE believes in the ‘get your hands dirty’ approach when it comes to make art. Get your brushes, pencils, spray paint cans, anything and everything and get physical with the whole lot to get that unique feeling of satisfaction when finally the idea that was stuck in your head for a while is now right there in front of you and ready to be seen by others. Read More  Read More

The Lock Up exhibition: just what I like

I knew I would not be disappointed when I heard about the Lock Up exhibition and disappointed I wasn’t, oh no, I was overwhelmed. By the way, that event happened last year (20th Nov till 10th Dec 2009), yes I know it is a bit late to report on it but I never got round to do it before today… But keep reading, those artists are just phenomenal. Read More  Read More

Gordon Cheung at Room: multi media artist

I always find fascinating when an artist can juggle between medias or techniques, when artists can be as varied as Gordon Cheung is. It is definitely a sign of open mindedness and in this case also talent. Pyrographics, spray paint, oil, acrylics, sculpture, animation… Gordon Cheung seems to explore everything in is art. THE JOURNEY (ink, acrylic gel and spray paint on canvas), BEAR and BULL (both being acrylic gel and spray on canvases) are definitely my favorite pieces.... Read More