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animated gifs better than 3D

Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

There seems to be a trend amongst many other on the web right now – animated GIFs. I must admit, I love some of them. Some are hilarious and other rather cleverest than funny. How about this one below (You’ll all have recognised a famous street art work from Banksy)? Now, to all things, they are better things? To creativity, there is always more creativity. To animated GIFs, there are Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s animated GIFs or rather photos. Next level?  Yes,... Read More

3D street art by Francois Abelanet

Francois Abelanet | Art-Pie

When you know that this 3D piece covers an area of over 400 square meters, you have to appreciate the effort. And when it looks as striking as this you just bow to the artist’s talent – Francois Abelanet. This piece is located in Lyon and has been commissioned to showcase the latest range of Renault trucks.  Read More

3d Sketches by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin | Art-Pie

3D is spreading fast in the movie industry and everyone seems to embrace that technology and I certainly am. But I appreciate even  more when it comes into some illustrated art. Meet Dutch freelance artist Ramon Bruin and his new series of astonishing 3D pencil drawings. I do not need to say much about those, they are just out of this world. But what I would say is that these were made only with pencil, yes just ordinary pencils. Ok add a touch of genius from the artist  and... Read More

The nuclear bunker project by 3Dot gallery

The Secret Bunker project | Art-Pie

We recently met up with the 3Dot gallery team to find out about the Nuclear Bunker project. The gallery is located in Edinburgh. Art-Pie: “So guys, what is the Nuclear Bunker project all about“? 3Dot: We have graff, illustrator, stencil, projection and lighting artists coming in over the next few days to create some exceptional pieces of art that will completely transform Scotland’s “Secret Bunker”. A-P: “Scotland Secret Bunker?” 3Dot: ??? A-P: “What... Read More

A meaningful 3D outdoor medium

We have been completely wowed when we saw that video from Mercado magazine, an Argentinian politics and economics magazine. The piece of art is called the “HOPE statue” and is a 3D statue/sculpture where the face of Barack Obama can be seen if you look at it straight. This is the same face as on the now notorious “HOPE” poster from But walk around it and the piece dramatically changes, characters in a dramatic scene appears and Barack Obama’s face... Read More