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10 Banksy facts – did you know?

Banksy | Art-Pie

He was behind a famous hoax in 2004, where Photoshopped copies of Paris Hilton’s album were distributed in HMV shops. The same year, he created and distributed fake £10 notes. This piece was commissioned by Bono when it was a guest editor at The Independent He has had 6 exhibitions since 2002. These are Existencilism, 2002, LA. Turf War, 2003, London. Barely Legal, LA, 2006. Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill, 2008, New York. The Cans Festival, 2008 London. Banksy vs Bristol... Read More

Upfest 2013

Upfest - Bristol | Art-Pie

The facts 250 Artists | 20,000+ Visitors | 3 Colour Filled Days The date Bank Holiday Weekend | 25th – 27th of May The place North Street – Bristol Photographs by Ruthie Penfold  Read More

FinDac, Mr Zero, Fat Heat and more & The Duke of Lancaster

Fat Heat

Mr Zero The Duke of Lancaster, a decommissioned and abandoned cruise liner shipwrecked docked off the North Wales Coastline in Wales has become the home to a range of urban artwork murals. Here are the latest pieces that came up : Mr Zero and Fatheat are part of Street Art Crew and Colored Effects Crew, a Hungarian Street Art Crew. They have made the trip to North Wales from their native Hungary, to leave their own message about corruption on the 1950s cruise liner, with their... Read More

Guy Denning at Signal gallery – Paradiso

Bristol born artist, Guy Denning final part of his trilogy of exhibitions (It’s the final part of his trilogy of exhibitions interpreting Dante’s The Divine Comedy; PARADISO. Inferno and Purgatorio, which were shown in Bologna and New York) interpreting Dante’s The Divine Comedy: PARADISO has just happened at Signal gallery and has delighted us by his intensity and display of technical art skills. Each piece in this show is boiling with emotions and dynamism and mirror the... Read More

P183, street artist or Bankski copycat?

P183 - Seeing is believing

P183 is his name and Moscow his playground where he has recently dropped a series of street artworks which some will tell feels very “banksy-ish”. Banksy, British artist, first began his guerilla artwork campaign in Bristol in the early 1990s. It is hard not to agree when you see some of his works below but one piece particularly caught my eye – Seeing is believing, I actually think it is very clever and is one of the best use of the urban furniture I have seen... Read More