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Dance & 3D – Le mouvement de l’air

3D dance - Art-Pie

3D technology which once was promised to succeed (back in the 80s) completely disappeared (or almost) as a medium for any artistry around but this is changing. 3D movies have been a regular hits at the Box Office while 3D gaming is booming. 3D and dance? Meet Adrien M and Claire B, pioneers in embracing and using multimedia in their choreographies, present us with a fascinating and reactive projection-mapped performance. The Movement of the Air, now a video, is bond to bend... Read More

Underwater painting photographs by Mark Mawson

Mark Mawson | Art-Pie

British photographer mark mawson explores the synthesis of color, ink and water in his series ‘aqueous II – the sequel’. That means it has produced these amazing shots where the electric imagery follows the journey of paint as it plunges underwater — the submerged forms exposing the aftermath of mixing, dropping, and spinning various colored liquids in water. The result is frozen motion, capturing billowing, hypnotic shapes and silhouettes swirling and rippling through... Read More

Jester Jacques Interviews Novemto Komo

Novemto Komo | Art-Pie

Jester Jacques – First of all, how did your interest in art making come about? Were there any specific events or influences in your childhood which swayed you to be more creative? Novemto Komo – I have always been doodling since I was kid, on the wall of my parent’s room and my room; also sticking stickers I got on the doors all around the house. Simon Sarin Photography Copyright I remember when I was in kindergarten and elementary schools, almost every weekend my... Read More

The Memory Industry

Untitled 2008, (c)Darren Nixon “One of the reasons I source mainly from newspaper, television and internet imagery is because the way we interact with these media shapes so many of our opinions about the world around us. Most of what I know about the world has been drawn in a fairly disjointed and fragmentary fashion from this huge, seemingly ever present sea of information. The sheer amount of available knowledge is so overwhelming that I end up feeling always frustrated that... Read More

Noise project – Challenge #2 The Little Things

Here is our second entry for the Noise Intercepted project, a global art project curated by Labspace Studio (a creative agency & art house in Toronto, Canada). Noise Intercepted is a series of ten experience-activated noise challenges that prompt participants to listen, observe and interact with their urban soundscape in new and unlikely ways. Noise challenge #2: The little things “This week spend some time paying attention to the little things… the sounds... Read More