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Tutorial: How to transfer paint into a deodorant can (spray paint)

Should you want to use deodorant cans to spray, here is how.  Read More

Graffiti artists, put your cans away, this train ain’t your usual moving canvas

Genbi Shinkansen | Art-Pie

It is already early evening but you just have enough time to jump on that bus and get your favourite spray cans from your local art supplies shop. Should the shop be closed by the time you get there, Bombing Science online shop will be there to the rescue, you happily reassure yourself. You like painting on trains, very much so. But the Genbi Shinkansen train is not or should not be one of them since artists have already been there and have made it beautiful. The world’s fastest... Read More

The Regent's canal art festival

Regent's canal festival

I like walking down the Regent’s canal, just for a stroll but also to spot street art. Many famous street or graffiti artists such as Banksky or Team Robbo have let their spray cans go wild on the walls of the surrounding buildings or bridges along the path. Come to the canal this summer and get away from the Olympics madness and enjoy art, from performances, visual art to music. The Regent’s canal festival will be held from the 13 to the 15th July 2012. The submissions... Read More

Tutorial: How to clean your caps (spray paint)

Learn how to clean your spray can caps  Read More

Kicks & canvas: lace’em up

Last time I went to see an exhibition with this sort of line-up, the Lock Up exhibition for those who would like to read about it, the stuff I saw was pretty good and would actually most probably please any one into stencils, spray paint or hip hop so I was pretty eager to get down to Zero Cool Gallery Read More  Read More