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#CODEFC new show and his book launch

CODEFC book launch | Art-Pie

After the Olympic project and solo show 20:12 two years ago, #CODEFC returns with another solo show and book launch celebrating his 25th anniversary in the graffiti/ street art world. The book is a collection of photos from as early as 1990 including lettering, free hand painting, sketches, stencils and stickers. We are giving two readers the chance to win a copy of #CODEFC book. What you need to do is either subscribe to the Art-Pie newsletter, share this article on Twitter... Read More

Stickerbomb skulls

We were delighted to receive in the postStickerbomb Skulls, the latest stickers book of the superb collaboration between Studio Rarekwai and publishers Laurence King. This book is part of the ever growing Stickerbomb series which includes 5 other similar books : Stickerbomb, Stickerbomb 2, Stickerbomb XL, Stickerbomb Letters and Stickerbomb Monsters. I do not know for you guys but we like skulls ,we are not some sort of human Predator, no. We just like skulls being used... Read More

Jester Jacques Interviews Novemto Komo

Novemto Komo | Art-Pie

Jester Jacques – First of all, how did your interest in art making come about? Were there any specific events or influences in your childhood which swayed you to be more creative? Novemto Komo – I have always been doodling since I was kid, on the wall of my parent’s room and my room; also sticking stickers I got on the doors all around the house. Simon Sarin Photography Copyright I remember when I was in kindergarten and elementary schools, almost every weekend my... Read More

Stencil republic, be a street artist

Stencil Republic | Art-Pie

If the thought of having to go out there at night, hood on and a few cans in the pockets seems to you just not doable, the new Stencil Republic book, by London-based creative studio Ollystudio’s Oliver Walker and published by Laurence King, may be your alternative. Pick one of the 20 stencils printed onto perforated card which have been created by international street artists such as Artiste Ouvrier, BS.AS.STNCL, Chris Stain, Dan Innes, Orticanoodles, Ozi, Run Don’t Walk and... Read More

Ye Hongxing "The Modern Utopia" at Scream

Ye Hongxing | Art-Pie

Beijing based artist Ye Hongxing is having her the first UK exhibition at Scream on Eastcastle street, London and the interest seems to be great and not only for this artist but for the entire Chinese contemporary art since the country has turned to capitalism. Hongxing new works will be an answer to this profound social system change that has gone with that change. What jumps straight at you you when looking at her works is the explosion of colours and the somewhat chaos of... Read More