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Banksy v. Robbo: the fight’s still on

Team Robbo and his crew still seem bitter and have painted over another one of Banksy’s pieces in Camden. This guerilla started when Banksy painted over one of Robbo’s historical throwups – see earlier post here. Team Robbo went back to Regent Street Canal and modified the piece which now seems to imply that Banksy is fishing for ‘street cred’. One thing to notice in all this is the two different approaches – Banksy paints over while Team Robbo... Read More

Banksy v. King Robbo or when 2 legends clash

And here we go again. ‘I am the best, you are not’. ‘There is only one place a the top and it’s mine’. Boring. Banksy’s latest work has landed him in an old fashioned street fight. He indeed thought he’ll modernize a 24-year-old work by ‘King Robbo’ in Camden, North London. Read More  Read More

Black Friday & street art

'Shop til your drop' by Banksy | Art-Pie

It is almost upon us… yes Black Friday is a thing and this means money being spent, overspent, wasted – pick yours. You may recall the piece called ‘Shop til your drop’ by the artist Banksy which appeared on Bruton lane, Mayfair, London a few years back. This piece depicts a woman being pulled down or falling and reaching for a shopping cart. We included other street art from the web & related to Black Friday – Black Friday & street art. ‘Shop... Read More

‘Life Work’ by Martha Cooper at Stolen Space

Click to enlarge About Exhibition Martha Cooper is a legendary photographer who has shot around the globe, beginning with USA to Asia. She worked both for papers and magazines like New York Post and National Geographic and independently, making contributions into her personal archive. Stories and captures that appeared in her lens were different and timely: travels, people and of course art. She has been documenting graffiti and street art for 40 years and her iconic book “Subway... Read More

Hibernate winter show at Hang Up gallery

Hibernate is an amazing selection of works from some of Hang-Up‘s favourite urban and contemporary artists. With brand new limited edition prints and original artworks from the likes of Mark Powell, Pure Evil, Delphine Lebourgeois and Joe Webb as well as sought after collectors pieces from Takashi Murakami, Banksy and Invader. We included below some of the pieces from the show WHAT – Hibernate WHERE – 81 Stoke Newington Road, Stoke Newington, London N16... Read More