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Jester Jacques Interviews Novemto Komo

Novemto Komo | Art-Pie

Jester Jacques – First of all, how did your interest in art making come about? Were there any specific events or influences in your childhood which swayed you to be more creative? Novemto Komo – I have always been doodling since I was kid, on the wall of my parent’s room and my room; also sticking stickers I got on the doors all around the house. Simon Sarin Photography Copyright I remember when I was in kindergarten and elementary schools, almost every weekend my... Read More

Educational Proj​ect in Zanzibar​ needs you


Everybody stops what they are  doing  and keep on reading, this will be worthwhile. I would like to draw your attention to some amazing educational projects that focus on using the performing arts as a tool to teach literacy and also provide children and young adults with expressive confidence. GETheatre is behind this initiative that has now been running for a few years worldwide. But there is a catch, for these workshops to happen, they need your support. The one that requires... Read More

Value which is of Value

10 x 10 by Kate Murdoch

10 x 10, ©2008 – 2012 Kate Murdoch “If there is value which is of value, it must lie outside of all happening and being so. For all happening and being-so is accidental.” Ludwig Wittgenstein 6.41, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus This quote from Wittgenstein is a profound statement on the nature of occurrence and existence – ‘happening and being-so’. Whichever way we look at it, occurrence and existence is accidental. The beauty and simplicity of Wittgenstein’s... Read More

The Problems of Language

Images of Assumptions (c)Sarah Hervey

Sarah Hervey has a note in her sketchbook, it reads, “Wittgenstein maintained every statement rested on unproven assumptions and illogical associations”. With regard to language there are four problems outlined by Bertrand Russell in his 1922 introduction to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus:[1] First is a problem of what actually occurs in our minds when we intend to mean something. Second is the relationship between thoughts, words and sentences and what they... Read More

Stencil republic, be a street artist

Stencil Republic | Art-Pie

If the thought of having to go out there at night, hood on and a few cans in the pockets seems to you just not doable, the new Stencil Republic book, by London-based creative studio Ollystudio’s Oliver Walker and published by Laurence King, may be your alternative. Pick one of the 20 stencils printed onto perforated card which have been created by international street artists such as Artiste Ouvrier, BS.AS.STNCL, Chris Stain, Dan Innes, Orticanoodles, Ozi, Run Don’t Walk and... Read More