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9 Artists Predicted to Make Waves in 2016

Jeff Soto | Art-Pie

If you are into art, you will have heard of the famous names doing the rounds. However, there are many artists currently under the radar who are looking for the chance to break out and make it big. Here are 9 artists who are predicted to make waves in 2016: 1. David Choe He is an American artist of Korean descent, best known for figure painting, creating murals, graffiti and creating novel graphics. His paintings have been called “dirty style” for they portray excitement,... Read More

Meet Tristan Eaton, an artist from Los Angeles

Tristan Eaton | Art-Pie

Tristan Eaton is an American artist from Los Angeles. He is a graffiti artist, illustrator, toy designer and also a street art muralist. Eaton was born in 1978, in Los Angeles, California. Going from places to places When he was 8 years old, his family moved to London, England. At age 16, they moved back to the United States but this time to Detroit, Michigan. While Eaton loved the city of Detroit, he always wanted to live in a big city and thus, moved to New York when he was... Read More

The Top 10 Urban Artists of 2015

Top 10 urban artists of 2015 | Art-Pie

Street art has come a long way since it broke onto the scene in the 80s, gradually evolving from being an art form that spread socially provocative messages into a more accessible, mainstream medium that has been widely accepted all around the world. Urban art graces the streets of cities big and small, and occasionally there comes along a piece that you just have to stop and admire. Here are some of the top 10 urban artists of 2015: 1. Icy and Sot Icy and Sot, a duo of 2 brothers... Read More

5 Batman related street art pieces you ought to see

With the release of the new Batman : Arkham night video game just around the corner, we looked at 5 remarkable street art pieces related to the broader ‘Batman’ theme. JPS JPS , UK street is our first artist. JPS’s does pop culture works with a witty slogan. JPS’ often depicts iconic comic book and movie characters including Ted, Batman, Spiderman, and even Freddie Kruger and normally stencils them. Read an interview with Street Artist United States Mario Calvo and... Read More

Meet James Kinsella, a visual artist from Austria

James Kinsella | Art-Pie

Detail of “Hofbauergasse” | This piece will be in our next show We were thrilled to receive James’ submission for our upcoming edition of The Creative Bubble, a multi-discipline pop up event atRoxy Bar and Screen, London. James has been following us for a while and we are delighted to give him the opportunity to showcase his work. We asked a few questions to the man about himself and his art – + + + Art-Pie – Can you tell our readers about yourself... Read More