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10 mind blowing sculptures from all around the world

"The immigrant sculpture" | Art-Pie

We came across these mind-blowing sculptures and could not resist sharing them with you. Defying gravity or just beautiful, you can decide for yourself. We hope you’ll enjoy them. Why not telling us about them in the comments below? Click to enlarge Name: “The Immigrant Sculpture” by Bruno Catalano Location: Portugal Meaning:  Symbolizing luggage full of dreams but an empty heart, because you are leaving everything behind. Click to enlarge Name: “Popped... Read More

‘Urban animals’, a new show at Jealous gallery north by Simon Stephenson

Lamb'eth London by Simon Stephenson | Art-Pie

Streetwise characters such as Peck’em Pigeon, Barkin’ Dog, Foxall Fox, Bushey Squirrel and Purr-ley Cat take centre stage in Stephenson’s solo exhibition, something they’re quite used to after being placed in permanent collections such as the Marriott Hotel in Westminster, where their furry faces adorn each and every room. Following a visit from the whole gang at Jealous Print Studio, the characters have been re-imagined and reinvigorised into brand new screenprint editions,... Read More

“Silence = Death”: The Political Art of Keith Haring

Silence = Death by Keith Harring | Art-Pie

Keith Haring was a street artist at the heart of the urban art movement in 1980s New York. He was also a gay man diagnosed with AIDS. Partly as a result of living with these stigmas, his work often bears a strong element of political and social critique. He was one third of a trio of New York street artists at the helm of the growing movement. He, Richard Hambleton and Jean-Michel Basquiat regularly met to discuss each other’s work, and sometimes collaborated. He first began... Read More

Katrina Rupit new show at Westbank gallery

Click to enlargeKathrina was born in Mexico City and studied visual arts and photography at the University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Her native country means that her work is infused with a rich vitality and a colourful exuberance. As an Urban artist, she produces work which is perhaps softer and more lyrical than her male contemporaries. She has a deep admiration for iconic female figures, especially her compatriot Frida Kahlo. Over the last couple of years Kathrina has lived and... Read More