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The creative bubble at Roxy

Creative Bubble | Art-Pie

There you have it – the first edition of The Creative Bubble, a new monthly event down in South London just a stone throw away from the Thames.What are we looking at here? Three nights, once a month, The Creative Bubble will try to painti a new picture of contemporary art via a host of different mediums. And more importsntly, there will be a 30 day rolling gallery with original art and limited edition prints, curated by Incandescent Artists, is a showcase of a who’s... Read More

Banksys now wears shoes

Banksy | Art-Pie

Have you seen that trend in London? Some street art works  are getting propped up. With sneakers. Thank you Stephanie for sending these in! First seen hon  Read More

“The Ugly American” by Saber at The Outsiders

“The Ugly America” show opening today at The Outsiders is the work of legendary graffiti artist Saber’. The artist spent 8 weeks immersed in the Outsiders Newcastle branch last autumn and created all the works on display in the gallery this time in London. We stepped in and were hardly wowed by what we were seeing: a series of pale wooden pallets works. We quickly realised that they were all depicting “The Star-Spangled Banner”, understand the American... Read More

10 Banksy facts – did you know?

Banksy | Art-Pie

He was behind a famous hoax in 2004, where Photoshopped copies of Paris Hilton’s album were distributed in HMV shops. The same year, he created and distributed fake £10 notes. This piece was commissioned by Bono when it was a guest editor at The Independent He has had 6 exhibitions since 2002. These are Existencilism, 2002, LA. Turf War, 2003, London. Barely Legal, LA, 2006. Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill, 2008, New York. The Cans Festival, 2008 London. Banksy vs Bristol... Read More

Sofles solo exhibition video: awesome

"Limitless" by Sofles | Art-Pie

Just watch it until the end. If you like graffiti and street art, you will watch it again.  Read More