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Fragile, a new show by Dan Baldwin at Gallery 8

Big City | Art-Pie

We have had to wait for three years but it is now upon us – “Fragile”, the new solo show by Dan Baldwin is opening tomorrow to the publich at Gallery 8. We hear that the artist will explore the concepts of mortality and beauty. As always, the new works by Dan Baldwin promise to be distinctively colourful defying categorisation as figurative or abstract, real or imaginary. For those not so familiar with Dan Baldwin’s works, expect encompassing ceramics,... Read More

Jester Jacques Interviews Novemto Komo

Novemto Komo | Art-Pie

Jester Jacques – First of all, how did your interest in art making come about? Were there any specific events or influences in your childhood which swayed you to be more creative? Novemto Komo – I have always been doodling since I was kid, on the wall of my parent’s room and my room; also sticking stickers I got on the doors all around the house. Simon Sarin Photography Copyright I remember when I was in kindergarten and elementary schools, almost every weekend my... Read More

Tasso, El Marian & Cranio

Tasso | Art-Pie

Part of our 3 street art works series you should see today. Tasso, El Marian & Cranio. Tasso – located in Germany El Marian – located in Bogota (Colombia) Cranio – located in London (UK)  Read More

Boxart from Melbourne

We could resist to share these as some are really good we think. All utility boxes should come with some artwork. First seen on Land of sunshine  Read More

Dank’s show at Graffik gallery

Dan Kitchener at Graffik gallery | Art-Pie

UK based artist, DANK aka Dan Kitchener’s second major solo show in London this year is opening at Graffik gallery on Thursday this week. We hear that the artwork on display, cityscapes and landscapes but also the now iconic Tokyo neon style Geishas, are a delight so we are looking forward to going to the press launch tomorrow and talk to the artist about his new set of new works. Stay tunes for exclusive pics . From the gallery “Working across all mediums, scale plays... Read More