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An Act of Crime or a Work of Art – Graffiti Street Art

Street art in Shoreditch (London) | Art-Pie

Back in 2008, a group of teenagers were sent to jail in the UK in lieu of defacing public property. Yet while they were being imprisoned here, their work was being hailed in the New York gallery. There is only one word that can be used to describe how the UK as a society views graffiti street art – confusion.The confusion now runs deeper than the hide and seek between those who have a can and spray, and those that remove that paint off the wall. Revok was arrested in 2009With... Read More

Street art, graffiti and big big smackers

Mr Brainwash | Art-Pie

Let’s face it, 10 years ago that post would have not existed because ten years ago, street art, graffiti or urban art, let’s call it that, wasn’t around. I actually need to point out that it was around but not as popular as it is now. Now popular often leads to some sort of fame and wait fort it… money revenue, bucks, big bucks. I must admit, I wad gobbed smacked when I learnt how much some street artists are actually worth. Kids, I am about to give a... Read More

animated gifs better than 3D

Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

There seems to be a trend amongst many other on the web right now – animated GIFs. I must admit, I love some of them. Some are hilarious and other rather cleverest than funny. How about this one below (You’ll all have recognised a famous street art work from Banksy)? Now, to all things, they are better things? To creativity, there is always more creativity. To animated GIFs, there are Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s animated GIFs or rather photos. Next level?  Yes,... Read More

5 Great Cities For Street Art

5 street art cities | Art-Pie

These days, some of the most interesting artists and art projects from all over the world are accessible from the comfort of our own homes. Whether you’re interested in digital art, galleries from your favourite artists, or even researching and comparing different pieces, you can do just about anything you need on your computer. Indeed, there’s something appealing about picking up a bottle of wine from Marks and Spencer, getting comfortable at your computer, and sifting... Read More

P183, street artist or Bankski copycat?

P183 - Seeing is believing

P183 is his name and Moscow his playground where he has recently dropped a series of street artworks which some will tell feels very “banksy-ish”. Banksy, British artist, first began his guerilla artwork campaign in Bristol in the early 1990s. It is hard not to agree when you see some of his works below but one piece particularly caught my eye – Seeing is believing, I actually think it is very clever and is one of the best use of the urban furniture I have seen... Read More