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Keith Harring would have been 54 today

Keith haring

Keith Harring On February 16, 1990, at age 31, Keith Haring’s life was cut short due to an AIDS-related illness. He would have been 54 today and as a homage, here are a few words and a tribute to his most iconic pieces of art. I wonder what Keith Haring (May 4, 1958 – February 16, 1990) would make of the global phenomenon that street art is now, art form very much confined to the street of New York City at the time when he decided to move there in 1978, aged 19. Having... Read More

JBAK – artists collaboration from Berlin


James Bullough and Addison Karl are JBAK ans is a creative collaboration between two artists originally from Baltimore and Seattle respectively and hitting the walls of Berlin. I could not describe better than Jennifer Weitman what JBAK is and is all about so here are her words. We particularly like the “Paintin Meryt’ piece which you can watch below More about JBAK “Each artist brings his unique vision and style to their combined body of work. Bullough’s main... Read More

WeLikeStatic tomorrow at Whisper Fine Art

WeLikeStatic at Whisper Fine Art

We met up earlier today with Tom and Craig, better known at WeLikeStatic to have a sneak peak at their solo show opening tomorrow at Whisper Fine Art on Eastcastle street, London. The place was buzzing with still “loads to do” but the team was at it and the display was shaping up nicely; this show, I could tell, will be a good one. Portraiture is what this show will try to tackle and we all know that it is rather an hazardous path to take, it does not take long to... Read More

Lego Terracota Army comes to life

Lego 3d by Planet Street Painting

Take two thing a large number of us have manipulated once in their lives: LEGO and chalk. Take it further and create something too amazing for not writing something up about it. Dutchman Peter Westerink and a few other helping hands must have astonished a few by-passers with their 100m2 3D creation depicting a army of LEGO men Terracotta style. You will see below, pictures showing the steps these guys has to go through. Oh and did I mention that it took 6 full days to a crew of... Read More

Look Damien Hirst, I bet you have not done that


Damien Hirst must be used to getting all sort of good and bad criticism by now and although he has got simultaneous show all over the world right now and therefore is regarded as a major player in modern art, I can’t help to think that his latest spots series does not deserve all the fuss currently going about it. What best to describe how I feel that this street art piece “lazy”. No need to say more. Photo by Laurence Billiet Seen on Vandalog  Read More