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Busk Bleach Zadok at Pure Evil gallery

Last time I went to Pure Evil gallery I was blown away by the exhibit I saw from ROA (read post here) as well as the gallery itself and the way it was used: clever and original display of the artwork and above all fresh works from the artist himself on the walls – really like this approach where you feel the gallery is owned by the artist so once again, well done to Charles at Pure Evil. Even more so when you learn that all the works I was looking at that day has been created... Read More

Cissy Cook at Smithfield gallery: chill out

I had only gone once to the Smithfield gallery a while back ago to see DEUS – works from the UVA (United Visual Artists) and was happily pleased with it although I did not know what to make of it before seeing it. I headed down in the same state of mind last week end to check out their current exhibition – Cissy Cook – new work. The only thing I know was that Cissy’s work is all about papercuts that mainly picture butterflies. Not the kind of things I... Read More

Hand Joy group show at C4RD: eroticism in Islington

I had never heard about the C4RD (Centre for Recent Drawing) before and was happily surprised to find out that Hand Joy, a group show of contemporary artists was actually happening a throw stone away from where I live in Highbury & Islington – art on your doorstep that is. Read More  Read More

Chris Bracey: the neon man

When I was told about that exhibition – the ‘neon man”, I did not know whether my mate was making a joke or whether there was really something going on but still I had no idea what it could have been all about until I went on to the Spine TV website and find out about Chris Bracey and Bill Elwood: the neon men. Read More  Read More