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SPQR at Pure Evil: Monochromatic shades

Another exhibition by Signal gallery which I had penciled in as soon as I’d heard about it. The artist, SPQR, has been on the circuit for quite a while now and is a prolific stenciller, so I was not surprised to find, hung up on the walls of Signal gallery, technically very good, quality stencils. For his first solo show in the UK, SPQR looks at how art can be used to express your disagreement about things surrounding you: society, media, economy, etc. At first sight, and... Read More

Busk Bleach Zadok at Pure Evil gallery

Last time I went to Pure Evil gallery I was blown away by the exhibit I saw from ROA (read post here) as well as the gallery itself and the way it was used: clever and original display of the artwork and above all fresh works from the artist himself on the walls – really like this approach where you feel the gallery is owned by the artist so once again, well done to Charles at Pure Evil. Even more so when you learn that all the works I was looking at that day has been created... Read More

Now is ‘really’ time for Street Art at Black Rat

This is what of those shows that when you hear about them, the automatic and systematic next thing you do is to pencil that in your diary in a big font. Now’s The Time exhibition at Black Rat gallery is an impressive group show, a sort of retrospective of what Street Art has been in the past few years and what it will be for years to come: getting more and people liking it. Read More  Read More

Flying eyeball exhibition & pop up show – Gallery 27

I got a flyer telling me about that exhibition – ‘Flying Eyeball presents Exhibition & Pop Up Shop’ when I went to the Lock Up exhibition last week (will post about it soon). I looked again at the flyer and after reading the artists line-up, Goldie, Ben Allen, Shok 1, etc. I could not wait but to be there. On my way now with a friend to the Gallery 27, based in Mayfair. As I was trying to find my way (I lost the map I had printed earlier) I looked around... Read More