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Chris Bracey: the neon man

When I was told about that exhibition – the ‘neon man”, I did not know whether my mate was making a joke or whether there was really something going on but still I had no idea what it could have been all about until I went on to the Spine TV website and find out about Chris Bracey and Bill Elwood: the neon men. Read More  Read More

Banksy v. Robbo: the fight’s still on

Team Robbo and his crew still seem bitter and have painted over another one of Banksy’s pieces in Camden. This guerilla started when Banksy painted over one of Robbo’s historical throwups – see earlier post here. Team Robbo went back to Regent Street Canal and modified the piece which now seems to imply that Banksy is fishing for ‘street cred’. One thing to notice in all this is the two different approaches – Banksy paints over while Team Robbo... Read More

Art on wheels – graffiti on vans from Paris

As well as going to the ‘Born in the streets exhibition’ (see review here), I wondered around the 20th district in Paris where I snapped up the vans below. Art on wheels. Love it. Read More  Read More

Banksy v. King Robbo or when 2 legends clash

And here we go again. ‘I am the best, you are not’. ‘There is only one place a the top and it’s mine’. Boring. Banksy’s latest work has landed him in an old fashioned street fight. He indeed thought he’ll modernize a 24-year-old work by ‘King Robbo’ in Camden, North London. Read More  Read More

Flying eyeball exhibition & pop up show – Gallery 27

I got a flyer telling me about that exhibition – ‘Flying Eyeball presents Exhibition & Pop Up Shop’ when I went to the Lock Up exhibition last week (will post about it soon). I looked again at the flyer and after reading the artists line-up, Goldie, Ben Allen, Shok 1, etc. I could not wait but to be there. On my way now with a friend to the Gallery 27, based in Mayfair. As I was trying to find my way (I lost the map I had printed earlier) I looked around... Read More