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15 May


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Author: Pierrick Senelaer

Founder of the Art-Pie site. I design and code websites and apps Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 and enjoy drawing, painting and visits to museums and galleries at night and weekends.

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  1. Rihard says:

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  2. Lawrence says:

    Hi Art Pie, I love that red pixel thing. I want one at home! Something quite tragic about the running man falling and the way it’s displayed seems to emphasise that. GREAT SHIZ!

  3. osei says:

    That was so sick i wish i could have made it there. the benedict one is supa dupa dupa fresh.

  4. J says:

    that last ROCKET01 photo is too cool, raging blue strawberry!

  5. admin says:

    Yeah, pretty cool. I like the perspective they managed to get

  6. FLYPRINTS says:

    that is pretty fresh yo. i aint seen this where about in holloway is it?

  7. admin says:

    It is at the very beginning of Holloway Road, highbury corner end. Go see it

  8. Bennyg says:

    I have been checking out Codes stuff for years and it is f*ckin dope as. Big ups fella. Love the Olympic gig.

  9. Jcee says:

    Yes it was a genius move. Voina are cutting edge in that they know what buttons to press to get a reaction. It is kind of ironic that they got a state prize for the penis because Voina has the state in its cross-hairs. Word is they are diverting the prize money toward the needs of political prisoners.

    Activist art is under threat… most recently Seranno’s Piss Christ. Link here to Drive-by Times.. also to a related cartoon:



  10. Jo says:

    Amazing combination of different disciplines of art

  11. abstract art says:

    Great work! intricate and perfect as photographs.

  12. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment Jcee. VOINA clearly know where it hurts. They are very brave and fearless and their actions needs to be relayed so I’ll keep an eye on them and will post more about them

  13. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment Abstract Art.

    Remi/Rough is not only a cool guy, he has got some talent and skills to give perspective and movement to his works which is what I like the most

  14. Raphael says:

    Walk down a graffiti covered alleyway deep in the heart of the East End off Brick Lane and to your left a green door that opens to one of the most unique venues in London. The old Shoreditch Underground station shut in 2006 and re opened as the exhibition known as wow now. You enter what appears to be the old ticket office, walls painted in black showing a collection of works by various artists. Follow on down the stairs onto a landing which believe is where the old railway tracks were and is a space open to the elements. Yet again walls adorned with works by a young group of aspiring artistes.

    You have to go to understand the experience as the underground trains rattle by not so many feet away with faces peering through the train windows desperate to know what is happening.

    The conversion of this building has obviously been a task of love and desperation to get the venue ready and open for the opening night. And what anight. You are served a drink made from coco leaves which have been brought over from Bolivia under guard I am told. Served with ice and bitter lemon, one is enough to warm you through. The rooms filled with young and old, a chatter accompanied by the movement of wheels on the railway tracks and now to a serious look at the hanging works as the atmosphere is just right.

    Alex Daw’s works as usual stand out with their normal complexity and vivaciousness. Wonderlust tempted me and I’m still considering the possible purchase. The scene of New York in the ticket office by another artist I found mesmerising.

    So people, go and enjoy.

  15. admin says:

    Thank you Raphael for this contribution, great info for the readers!

  16. TamTam says:

    As the exhibition is advertised as being on til June 9 I had thought I would go along this afternoon and catch the last day of the exhibition, so I trekked down there…only to find the door closed and padlocked! What a shame. 🙁

  17. abstract art says:

    At first quick glance I can tell this as an abstract but I was surprise that this is a building painted genuinely.

  18. Amelia says:


    I am an artist, creating acrylic abstract canvas designs based on different genres of music. I have recently set up my art company and am seeking free gallery spaces within London to hold art exhibitions. Below is a link showing samples of some of my designs. I would really appreciate some feedback on this. Many thanks


  19. Lyla Knox says:

    Your piece was tweeted by search engine result advertisement wizard Themelis Cuiper – you are doing a wonderful job as he is pointing towards you? b-)

  20. No wonder why Themelis Cuiper’s SocialGarden Biz one-on-ones : seo & social media gave me a book mark to your site – you must be doing a wonderful job as he is pointing towards you?

  21. admin says:

    Not anybody cups of tea for sure but no one can argue the fact that this is the ultimate example of using what there is around you to get something out there, a message perhaps, a feeling for sure

  22. Are you doing another auction this yr I would like to take part if its possible do you have the submission details and would you forward them on to me


  23. vamiali's says:

    Thank you for the report. Just few clarifications, “Reach the sky” project was organized and presented by Vamiali’s gallery for Remap 3 and curated by Anneta Papadatou. Montana cans was very kind to give us sponsor for paint but they did not sponsor the event. We would appreciate if you could check it and correct accordingly.
    Best regards, Vamiali’s Gallery

  24. admin says:

    Hey Martha,

    I just reported on the charity event so I would not know about the submission details but have a look at the Bhopal website where you should find out what you need – http://www.bhopal.org/

    Thank you for reading

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  26. A-P says:

    The perspective achieved in Kitty Kraus’s light work is very remarkable

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  28. Bhanu Chawla says:

    This is so amazing!!!!! Sharing it.. =D

  29. david genty says:

    well done and many thanks Christopher !

    all the best for the festivities


  30. PolAbr says:

    I’m really fond of it.

  31. ehsanpoloei says:

    very good

  32. ehsanpoloei says:


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  35. Dot23 says:

    Read about what happened when this gallery REJECTED me from their exhibition about rejection letters 😀


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  38. Sam Frith says:

    Hi Thanks for writing about the Domus people. I work at Domus and have been collaborating with contemporary artists along side the company. We have just installed a new piece on the derelict wall that had the figures in and have opened a photo competition that involves taking narrative shots of scaled model figures that Domus send out with their samples. for more info check out


    Thanks again for the writeup

    Best wishes

    Sam Frith

  39. deih says:

    stn photo is as well from me. If you want to see more, I can send you some pics. have anice day.

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  43. Very interesting this building! Thanks for sharing it. I am studying urbanism, but oriented to intermediate landscape regeneration (in UIC, Barcelona).

  44. Ibiza Clubs says:

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  45. Johnny Melkebeek says:

    Where can i find the girl in the strawberry jam, it’s wonderful ……
    I reckon it’s in the states,just being next to a 7-11…..?
    Thanks if you can find the time to give me an answer.
    Johnny-James 🙂

    • Pierrick Senelaer says:

      Yep it is in the States and was done for the Richmond Mural Project in Richmond, VA. Thanks for reading.

  46. The Art Collector says:

    I do like Copyright…or should I say I did like Copyright…Unfortunately his style seems to stagnate…the use of women, flowers, tattoos and birds is so recurrent in his pieces that it becomes boring and overused. His “Lady of the Lake” were already part of his first solo show and the pieces exhibited at “13” are far too similar… Re-using stencils and imagery used in the past will not benefit Copyright for long unless he steps on the creativity ladder.

    • Pierrick Senelaer says:

      I totally see your point and would agree. This also applies to loads of artists out there it would seem and while I also think it cannot do any good in the long term, I also think loads of artists struggle to bounce back and redefine themselves and their art so they play it “safe”.

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  49. Quality, Funny and wholeHEARTedly unique 😀

    This man will go far, oh yes!

  50. Briana says:

    Did you mean Carl Melegari?

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  54. Natalia rak is an amazing artist !

  55. Ian Ware says:

    uuuuhhhhh where do i buy a print?

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  57. sue says:

    Just been to see the Banksy on Pollard Street. The trainers have gone!

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  63. Anne Kent says:

    Love this painting are there more or is it a one off ?

    • We are glad you like it as we do too. There are three of them which will be in this month’s edition of the Creative Bubble so if you let us have your email address and/or come down to the opening on the 29th April, you could see them all!

      By the way, they are all on sale so let us know if you are interested and we can talk about it

  64. netdost says:

    its hard to believe this kind of work can be done using analog cameras

  65. Magdy says:

    You give us very nice artlstic tattoos.But how can we made and apply.What is the kind of inks
    Thanks in advance

  66. Another Prince tribute mural in Modica Way, Cambridge, MA USA.
    You may use the image on your website, but please leave the watermark intact, and credit the artist: Merk Those, merkthose.com

  67. Jennifer Low says:

    Always been a fan of this artist. Great print, quick delivery

  68. Jack Crouch says:

    Love the balck and white charcoal effect for this print. I received it within a few days. Good communication

  69. Sophie Gray says:

    Thrilled with the print. Very good value for money. Fast delivery

  70. Emma Rey says:

    Received the print within a few days so great. Would recommend the service to friends

  71. John Hicks says:

    We fell in love right away with this print of Marilyn Monore so we bought it. We received it within a few days. Great communication throughout with Art-Pie

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  73. Elsa says:

    Your blog IS ammaizing!!

  74. Gary Rumbelow says:

    What happened to pimp art works website

  75. R. Mark Desjardins says:

    Great captures of political street art from Cuba. I spent two weeks wandering the streets of Havana and found several examples, but not the murals you found.

  76. Loads of artists seem to get some sort of fame very quickly these days, and in some cases, I wonder why.

    If Van Gogh was of this generation, would he become famous before his death?

  77. cigarette packets, soda cans and piles of trash. If you look at the pile of objects they assembled and piled, you see nothing but the light they point at it makes the magic happen – you find yourself in front of projected shadows projected shadows of people standing, sitting

  78. Dollie says:

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    Slinkachu at Andipa gallery: concrete ocean – Art-Pie

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    Slinkachu at Andipa gallery: concrete ocean – Art-Pie

  81. dave hill says:

    There is a programme on British television which has been running for a few years now, it’s called “Taskmaster”, i just thought that you would be interested in
    the fact that this programme showed your “Bull farting” piece on one of their programmes……it was powerful enough to make me look up your other art pieces,
    and the fact that it did this must be that your installations must be brilliant, because i am the least arty type person ever, and if your stuff can make me sit up and
    have a look, at the age of 58, then it must be the dog’s bollox, mate.
    Thanks for waking me up a bit.

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    EN MASSE mural at Village Underground – Art-Pie