Can of Worms


Limited edition Giclee print

43 x 63 cm

Limited Edition Art


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About the artwork

Limited edition Giclee print. 2013

About the artist by the artist

Otto is a Chilean-German artist, architect and urban sculptor living in Europe since 2004. He has been painting since 1996 exhibiting his work in collectives and solo exhibitions in Chile, Germany, United States, England, Japan, Netherland, Russia and Paris.

Otto Schade works within two different typologies of paintings. One related with the dreams and oneiric situations. The other being an abstract world in which Schade has been experimenting with layers, creating deepness in his spatial representations. He has also been experimenting with collages and graffiti that works its way onto canvas, paper, boards or walls.

About the gallery
Representing only the best UK emerging artist, Curious Duke Gallery aims to change the way you buy art work. Curious Duke is fast becoming the go to gallery to buy affordable original and limited edition art.



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