Giclee prints: Hahnemühle ­ Photo Rag, 308gsm, Acid-free, 100% rag

Archival Grade

42 x 30cm

Framed? No

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Giclee prints: Hahnemühle ­ Photo Rag, 308gsm, Acid-free, 100% rag,. Archival Grade.  42 x 30cm

About the artist by the artist

I’ve painted most of live, but only recently decided that I really needed to focus, get out and do something about it. I’m self taught and have experimented with lots of subjects and focus.

My work is based on realistic imagery but with a ranging free style using messy brushwork, drips and smudges (as you can imagine I make a huge mess when I work!). I studies Film at University with the hope to turn my energies toward wildlife documentary.

Upon leaving university ‘life’ hit and with that the reality of earning money – so I joined the 9-5 club. However I was lucky enough to work in some fantastic and inspiring places such as the Natural History Museum, Kew Gardens and now the Royal Horticultural Society.

Recently I decided to take a week off and dedicate it to working on my art and out of a whirlwind of creative energy ‘Project Paint Plane’ was created – art inspired by travelling. Now I’m putting it out in the world!


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