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Fin Dac and his Urban Aesthetics

Cork native artist Fin DAC has not been around the street art scene as long as some other artists such as Inkie for example but he has been nevertheless left his mark out there and his works are appreciated by an ever growing amount of people across the world.

UK, France and USA is where you are the most likely to encounter his ‘Urban Aesthetics’ as he likes to define his art and style which combines paint and stencil techniques. Fin DAC did not go to some Art Schools but rather grab spray, cardboards or brushes and had a go.

We thank him for doing this.

His influences range from dark graphic novels through to the works of Francis Bacon and Aubrey Beardsley.

Fin Dac | Art-Pie
Location : New York (x Christina Angelina)

Fin Dac | Art-Pie

Fin Dac | Art-Pie
Location: Wales

Girls seems to be the main subject in Fin DAC’s works. Here is what the artist says about this:

“I use 2 different models or muses: Nicole Wu for the very pretty/flowery pieces and Meghna Lall for the more edgy/rockier stuff. They are both people I found through Flickr. The shift towards more asian influenced themes in my artwork coincided with a seismic shift in my output and interest from the outside world… but I don’t ever think about the significance of that ”

Fin Dac | Art-Pie
Location: Madrid
Fin Dac | Art-Pie
Location: Cork (Ireland)

FinDac, Mr Zero, Fat Heat and more & The Duke of Lancaster

Mr Zero
Mr Zero

The Duke of Lancaster, a decommissioned and abandoned cruise liner shipwrecked docked off the North Wales Coastline in Wales has become the home to a range of urban artwork murals.

Here are the latest pieces that came up : Mr Zero and Fatheat are part of Street Art Crew and Colored Effects Crew, a Hungarian Street Art Crew.

They have made the trip to North Wales from their native Hungary, to leave their own message about corruption on the 1950s cruise liner, with their works which are titled ‘The Prophets of Profit’.

This has been split into two separate portraits which are positioned either side of Bristolian Artist Bungle’s ‘Face of Authority’ piece.

Mr Zero has created a 12 x 7m pig character. Notably he has included the council’s own logo on the pig’s hat and incorporated provocative wording: ‘Greed’, ‘Power’ and ‘Corruption’ in the character. This message is further reinforced by his partner, Fatheat’s, 12 x 9m mural, which depicts a monster character.


Mr Zero

This grotesquely includes human faces buried within the character and money surrounding it. Fatheat comments: “The faces represent the people affected by the Prophet’s corruption and how they have been swallowed up and used against their will.”

In direct contrast to these characters and the other artworks on the ship, Irish artist Fin DAC has created a beautiful image, depicting a Geisha Character. Titled ‘Mauricamai’, this painting is tucked away around the hull side of the ship.


Fin Dac

It has been purposefully positioned so it can’t be seen from the coastal path – it can only be seen if the ship’s dock is opened to the public.

The ship is now home to 8 pieces of artwork, with artists travelling from all over Europe to leave their mark on this historic vessel.

Fat Heat

Fat Heat

Words from the peeps at duddug.co.uk