Boiler Room & Red Stripe Make Sessions 08


Another Make Sessions, another banging set of tunes. The crime scene, somewhere in East London of course, the usual suspects this time round were Portico... Read more

Chris Brown and his monsters

Chris Brown monsters | Art-Pie

Yep, as loads of people these days, Chris Brown seemed to have also embraced street art and decided to paint what looks like monsters on his very expensive... Read more

DALeast & Faith47 in Brick Lane


DALeast is back painting another stunning cheetah inspired wall mural in Brick Lane, and his wife Faith47 whose also a professional street art recently... Read more

Project Mighty and Napoleon by Adobe

Mighty and Napoleon projects

The last few years have seen the rise of digital art. Devices such as Ipads have been at the forefront of this and some artists already master the new... Read more

DALeast and ROA just hit London


DALeast on Rivington street and ROA. We have included images of both pieces and boy they look good, don’t they?! We’ll make sure to go and... Read more

Reified People

Muslin, (c)2008 cathy Lomax

“Reified people proudly display the proofs of their intimacy with the commodity. Like the old religious fetishism, with its convulsionary raptures and... Read more

Conor Harrington hit East London


Despite the dodgy weather in what’s supposed to now be spring, some of our favourite artists haven’t been deterred and continue to get up with... Read more

Social Organisation of Appearances

Death To Me, Death To Everyone, (c)2008 Edd Pearman

Death To Me, Death To Everyone, (c)2008 Edd Pearman “The concept of ‘the spectacle’ interrelates and explains a wide range of seemingly unconnected... Read more

The making of HERO by Miguel Endara

HERO by Miguel Endara | Art-Pie

Some artists such as Miguel Endara have got magic coming out of their fingers and in this case out of his Micron Pen. 3.2 millions ink dots were needed... Read more

This ‘ME’ Of Mine opens tonight!

This Me Of Mine ! Art-Pie

After many months of preparation and efforts, Jane Boyer, the curator for the “This Me Of Mine” show,  is about to welcome visitor to the... Read more

Boiler Room & Red Stripe Make Sessions 07


Done. A large crowd turned up to this warehouse in the middle of nowhere in Hackney. Keen. The tunes banged awesomely. We did not see much of the bikes... Read more

The Sparrow, the Pearl and the Iridescsnt Girl

IMG_0873_passerine birds

“Fairy tales challenge the reader to imagine magical worlds different from our own. We are reminded by the fairy tale of the thing we never should have... Read more

FinDac, Mr Zero, Fat Heat and more & The Duke of Lancaster

Fat Heat

Mr Zero The Duke of Lancaster, a decommissioned and abandoned cruise liner shipwrecked docked off the North Wales Coastline in Wales has become the home... Read more

Compossible Worlds

Diagram (artificial tree), 2010 Sandra Crisp

“It is undoubtedly continuity which defines the compossibility of each world; and if the real world is the best, this is to the extent that it presents... Read more

A Video Tour of The Underbelly Project, NYC Subway Station

The Underbelly project

The Underbelly Project started back in 2009 and gathered a bunch of artists such as Revok or Ceaze who covered the walls of a disuse New York city subway... Read more

The Space Between The Stars at Scream

Regine Schumann

Show flyer (click to enlarge) ‘The Space Between The Stars‘ opens this Friday at Scream. Expect London and international artists and the recurrent... Read more

Liquid Pixels, creative technology with your phone and water

Liquid Pixels from STEAK studios

Samsung and the Galaxy Note II introduce Liquid Pixels. A short film documenting a piece of interactive water art, controlled solely using the Galaxy Note... Read more

Value which is of Value

10 x 10 by Kate Murdoch

10 x 10, ©2008 – 2012 Kate Murdoch “If there is value which is of value, it must lie outside of all happening and being so. For all happening... Read more

‘Nuit Blanche’ in Toronto, street art encounters

Green Invaders, 2012 Yves Caizergues - Lyon, France Light Installation

We bring you, somewhat in a belated way, Nuit Blanche or when Toronto was transformed for one night only by hundreds of artists. Stroll all night long... Read more

Splatter series from Hua Tunan

Hua Tunan's Splatter series

Chinese Art has been pushing its way through Europe and America lately and many movements and talents are starting to emerge from it. One of this very... Read more

RUN has hit the walls of Village Underground

RUN at Village Underground | Art-Pie

Artist RUN just finished his piece on the walls of the Village Underground project space and has kindly sent in a few pictures which are shown below. This... Read more

Meet Sluggo, the character made of chalk


If you are from Michigan, we may have stumbled upon Sluggo, a rather alien looking green thing. Ann Arbor – Michigan is where Sluggo lives and chalk... Read more

The amazing street art from DAL


We recently came across the chinese born street artist acting under the alias DAL and were so impressed by his work that we wanted to share some of it... Read more

Brick Lane street art

Cranio | Art-Pie

Another stroll along the mighty Brick Lane and another set of street art which we woud like to share with you. The LUDO and CRANIO pieces were our favorites.... Read more

Spotting street art in Oslo

Oslo street art | Art-Pie

We recently had the chance to get ourselves to Oslo and were eager to discover the street art scene the city could offer and came across the wonderful... Read more

Best designers toys from New York Comic Con 2012

Buddha B Pissed by Mr Munk

New York Comic Con 2012 has just happened and we are bringing you our top 5 favorites toys designs – this event is the East Coast’s biggest... Read more

The Problems of Language

Images of Assumptions (c)Sarah Hervey

Sarah Hervey has a note in her sketchbook, it reads, “Wittgenstein maintained every statement rested on unproven assumptions and illogical associations”. With... Read more

Jean-Paul Bourdier stunning body painted photographs

Jean Paul Bourdier | Art-Pie

When I first saw these pictures by photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier, I was completely amazed by the clever compositions and jusxtapositions and even more... Read more



VETA GORNER at the BEN OAKLEY GALLERY, Greenwich Preview Evening 9th November 2012, 6.30pm – 9.30pm A fresh and exciting solo exhibition of new... Read more

Sheperd Fairey’s mural on Bateman’s row

Sheperd Fairey's mural on Bateman's row | Art-Pie

We were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time last week end to see Shepherd Fairey and his team at work. The team worked on a huge piece... Read more

Space-Themed Stamps

Royal Mail new stamps

Royal Mail is to release a unique series of stamps, the theme : Space. This is to marked the 50th anniversary of Britain’s first contribution to space... Read more

Sound & vision by Shepard Fairey at Stolen Space

Sound & Vision by Shepard Fairey

Last time Shepard Fairey had a show in London was five years ago and it was already with Stolen Space. In the meantime, the artist enjoyed a ever growing... Read more

Angry birds made out of LEGO

Angry Birds made out of LEGO | Art-Pie

It was just a matter of time before someone would have a go at this – using LEGO to reproduce the characters of the very popular video game Angry... Read more

Black Duke Art


A LATVIAN artist, who’s work can be found in a number of European locations, has been revealed as the person responsible for the two giant pirate... Read more

The Multiplied Fair opens this week end

The Multiplied Art Fair

The third edition of the contemporary art in editions fair, Multiplied, returns to Christie’s South Kensington this October. Christie’s is pleased... Read more

Invaders goes deep and high

Invaders goes under water | Art-Pie

Invader‘s trademark, the so recognisable  pixelated alien character from the even more famous arcade game from the 80′s has been seen by... Read more

Message in the Code

The Bigger Picture (c)2009 Sandra Crisp

The Bigger Picture (c)2009 Sandra Crisp We are surrounded by coded communications.  The artists of This ‘Me’ of Mine present an interesting insight... Read more

La Pandilla art : morphology

La Pandilla " Art-Pie

We have come across La Pandilla art and have liked very much the uniqueness of it. The recurrent theme it’d seem is the animal morphology: different... Read more

Art-o-mat – vending machines selling art


The concept is pretty simple – Art-o-mat machines sell small works of art from retired and converted cigarette vending machines. But each dispenser... Read more

Stencil republic, be a street artist

Stencil Republic | Art-Pie

If the thought of having to go out there at night, hood on and a few cans in the pockets seems to you just not doable, the new Stencil Republic book, by... Read more

The 500 festival comes to Village Underground

One of Mikel Kruminswill's latest work | Art-Pie

The 500 Festival, a new art and music festival is coming to Shoreditch this October and promised to entertain you all day and night and showcase of some... Read more

Artcrank – your bike is art

Artcrank | Art-Pie

There is still time to go and see Artcrank “A poster party for bike people” in Hoxton where cycling is broken down into art under the form... Read more

Drones in Deptford coming soon


We all like going to the movies, don’t we? But how about going to the movies and get a total immersion in it, how about an invasion by spaceships... Read more

TRXTR new show "Lucked Up" at Get Up gallery

TRXTR | Art-Pie

UK based artist TRXTR has a new show but this time in the United States and precisely in Las Vegas. The artist’s work touches on social and moral... Read more

Star Wars characters does the Eighties style

Denis Medri's Star Wars | Art-Pie

Artist Denis Medri gives us his vision on how would several Star Wars characters look like if they were from the Eighties. This series is awesome and Denis,... Read more

Global Model Village, the new show and book by Slinkachu

Slinkachu "Global Model Village | Art-Pie

Street sculptor and photographer, Slinkachu has been busy putting together his new show, Global Model Village, which opens September 27th at Andipa... Read more

Struggle in the Moment of Difference

Untitled Nude (c)2011 Shireen Qureshi

Untitled Nude, (c)2011 Shireen Qureshi, oil and charcoal on canvas I recently interviewed London artist Shireen Qureshi for This ‘Me’ of Mine.  Her... Read more

El-Seed paints the Jara mosque

El Seed - Jara mosque | Art-Pie

Tunisia has been the stage lately of a surge of intolerability towards creativity and especially towards anything to do with a spray can. As a result,... Read more

Malika Favre – Hide and Seek at Kemistry gallery


Now in its summer break, the London art scene has slightly slowed down and galleries are either busy relaxing or putting altogether their next shows. One... Read more

DEIH and his Insider Series


We talked to the Spanish born graffiti/street art artist DEIH who is part of the XLF CREW. We asked to tell us about him - “I’m painting graffiti... Read more

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