Fin Dac and his Urban Aesthetics

Cork native artist Fin DAC has not been around the street art scene as long as some other artists such as Inkie for example but he has been nevertheless left his mark out there and his works are appreciated by an ever growing amount of people across the world.

UK, France and USA is where you are the most likely to encounter his ‘Urban Aesthetics’ as he likes to define his art and style which combines paint and stencil techniques. Fin DAC did not go to some Art Schools but rather grab spray, cardboards or brushes and had a go.

We thank him for doing this.

His influences range from dark graphic novels through to the works of Francis Bacon and Aubrey Beardsley.

Fin Dac | Art-Pie
Location : New York (x Christina Angelina)

Fin Dac | Art-Pie

Fin Dac | Art-Pie
Location: Wales

Girls seems to be the main subject in Fin DAC’s works. Here is what the artist says about this:

“I use 2 different models or muses: Nicole Wu for the very pretty/flowery pieces and Meghna Lall for the more edgy/rockier stuff. They are both people I found through Flickr. The shift towards more asian influenced themes in my artwork coincided with a seismic shift in my output and interest from the outside world… but I don’t ever think about the significance of that ”

Fin Dac | Art-Pie
Location: Madrid
Fin Dac | Art-Pie
Location: Cork (Ireland)

Slinkachu at Andipa gallery: concrete ocean

Andipa Contemporary is delighted to announce a new solo exhibition: Concrete Ocean, by renowned urban artist Slinkachu. Left floating in flimsy boats on puddles the size of lakes, or clinging onto seemingly giant paving stones, in danger of being trodden underfoot by the casual passer-by, the figures in Concrete Ocean address the artist’s trademark theme of loneliness and disillusionment engendered by the city environment. The dry wit of his observation and the deceptive sweetness of his scaled down figures make Slinkachu’s works absorbing, strong and engaging.

Named as one of the “100 Leading Figures in Urban Art” by Patrick Ngyuyen and Stuart Mackenzie in Beyond the Street (2010) Slinkachu creates (and then abandons) tiny installations around the city using reworked railway model figures that he then records photographically. The artist will, for the first time, bring seemingly uprooted street installations into the gallery where they will form islands in the concrete ocean.

Slinkachu at Andipa gallery

Concrete Ocean follows the artist’s internationally acclaimed Little People Project started in 2006, and the publication of Little People in the City: The street art of Slinkachu, published by Boxtree (Pan MacMillan), with a foreword by author Will Self (2008), The Old Vic and Punchdrunk’s collaboration, Tunnel 228 in 2009 and in 2010 the highly successful exhibition Extraordinary Measures at Belsay Hall, Northumberland, alongside Ron Mueck, Matt Collishaw and Mariele Neudecker, in which the artist took a humorous look “at the obsession we have with the day trip, that English hobby which often provokes the full range of emotions” and saw 55,000 visitors, along with the Amsterdam launch of BIG BAD CITY by Lebowski Publishers.

Words from Andipa gallery

Where – Andipa gallery
When – 3rd March till 2nd April 2011 (preview on the 2/3)

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Dots : a Burning Candy film

A document filming and following the entire Burning Candy crew is being shot right now. Their Street Art is a familiar visual encounter on the walls of London and especially in East London and on Brick Lane.

This movie is still being shot but the preview material is now ready to be shown to lucky people. Indeed, only a couple of sessions for about 12 guests each time will take place at 7pm on Tuesday May 4th and Thursday May 6th at Black Rat Projects so to get the chance to assist RSVP yourself now at and hope to be one of the randomly selected. Continue reading Dots : a Burning Candy film

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