The Lock Up exhibition: just what I like

I knew I would not be disappointed when I heard about the Lock Up exhibition and disappointed I wasn’t, oh no, I was overwhelmed.

By the way, that event happened last year (20th Nov till 10th Dec 2009), yes I know it is a bit late to report on it but I never got round to do it before today… But keep reading, those artists are just phenomenal.

I got to the Lock Up that morning quite impatient to look at those artworks from Goldie, Eelus, Fin Dac and many others. I had already seen pieces from those artists and wanted to see more as these guys master spray paint, multilayers stencils and all the rest of it and have also got an unstoppable creativity drive.

I could not hope for more than having the gallery just for myself and I did – only the 2 chaps from Lock Up were there that morning – good start.

You can get amazing results with spray paint & stencil on canvas I thought looking at Goldie’s and Nick Walker’s pieces – Apocalypse Angel from Goldie would look so good hung up in my lounge but I did not have the £1000 necessary that day to get it…

Eelus pieces were also a great treat for my eyes – spray paint on wood does look neat. Well impressed also by Pam Glew’s work on US flag where bleaching and dying techniques work their magic. Ben Moore’s StomOffSki – an acrylic capped ABS Storm Trooper head encrusted in 4000 Swarovski Xilion rose crystals was quite something to see and any Star Wars fans would want that piece to be part of their memorabilia collection. The £6500 price tag though must have been as painful as the laser sword hitting you in the head for some.

A collective of talented artists mastering techniques in a great venue. Enjoy the pics below

Featured artists at this event

Goldie | Nick Walker | Jef Aerosol | Eelus | Mau Mau | Inkie | Beejoir | Jamie Reid | K-Guy | David Whittaker | Ben Moore | Pam Glew | Ryca | Stedhead | Prole | Fin Dac | Spanna

Go to for more info and videos about that event

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