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Graffiti artists, put your cans away, this train ain’t your usual moving canvas

It is already early evening but you just have enough time to jump on that bus and get your favourite spray cans from your local art supplies shop.

Should the shop be closed by the time you get there, Bombing Science online shop will be there to the rescue, you happily reassure yourself.

You like painting on trains, very much so. But the Genbi Shinkansen train is not or should not be one of them since artists have already been there and have made it beautiful.

The world’s fastest art appreciation

Genbi Shinkansen | Art-Pie
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“The world’s fastest art appreciation” is what East Japan Railways, the train operator running the service, calls it.

The high-speed Genbi Shinkansen opened last year on the Jōetsu Shinkansen railway line but we only learned about it recently.

The train carried out three round trips daily on most Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and while speeding through Japan (up to 210km/h), it gives its commuters displays of prominent contemporary artworks throughout its carriages.

Seven of the carriages in fact are used as “rolling art spaces”. All seven show a different artist and which gives passengers a vast choice of material to enjoy.

Even better, not only the indoors are used to display art. Indeed the windowless carriages of the Genbi Shinkansen’s are wallpapered with striking photographs of Niigata’s Nagaoka Fireworks Festival by photographer Mika Ninagawa

Art on display in each carriage

You can enjoy art throughout the entire train. Lose yourself from one end to the other and enjoy modern art created by prominent artists.

Kids have not been forgotten and should find joy in the specifically designed playroom where they can interact with modern art first hand.

We have included below photographs of our favourites carriages

Car #11

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The artwork on display was conceived by incorporating the unique space, light and speed of the Shinkansen, and built around the themes of bountiful harvests, festivals and light. Take a seat and experience an amazing moment of change in which you discover the immensity of the light that surrounds us in the world.

Car #13

Car 13 Genbi Shinkansen | Art-Pie
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We selected this carriage because the art is mainly about landscapes and here at Art-Pie, we appreciate very much the subject. Sip on a coffee while looking at artworks inspired from the GENBI SHINKANSEN route, a traditional thoroughfare in use for centuries around the city of  Joetsu with Mikuni Kaido being the name of an ancient highway in Japan.

7 Prince street art, graffiti & urban tributes to Prince

Last week saw pop icon, Prince, died at his Minnesota home on Thursday, and, as expected, tribute around the world have been pouring and will probably do so for a long time to come. He died suddenly aged 57, leaving behind a back catalogue spanning rock, pop, funk and jazz and millions of devoted admirers.

We included below 7 Prince street art, graffiti & urban tributes to Prince

Have you seen a piece you would like to share with us or know the name of the artists for the artworks below? Tell us in the Comments section below.

1 – Belfast Cathedral, artist unknown

PRINCE tribute on the Belfast Cathedral | Art-Pie

2 – New York, artist unknown

PRINCE tribute in New York | Art-Pie

3 – Cambridge (Massachusetts), artist unknown

PRINCE tribute in Cambridge | Art-Pie

4 – Turnpike Lane (London), by Pegasus

PRINCE tribute by Pagasus in London | Art-Pie

5 – Sydney (Australia) by Mr G

PRINCE tribute by Pegasus | Art-Pie

6 – Germany by Barbara

PRINCE tribute by Barbara in Germany | Art-Pie

7 – USA, by REVOK & AROE


‘Life Work’ by Martha Cooper at Stolen Space

'Life work' by Marhta Cooper | Art-Pie
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About Exhibition

Martha Cooper is a legendary photographer who has shot around the globe, beginning with USA to Asia. She worked both for papers and magazines like New York Post and National Geographic and independently, making contributions into her personal archive.
Stories and captures that appeared in her lens were different and timely: travels, people and of course art. She has been documenting graffiti and street art for 40 years and her iconic book “Subway Art” influenced on graffiti culture and opened a new world to those whose countries came to urban art much later than in USA.

Martha Cooper | Art-Pie
Location: Soweto

Martha Cooper is still working with graffiti and street artists, documenting artworks of US and international artists around the world, and continues to make an important contribution to the urban art movement.

Graffiti and street art are ephemeral but pieces and murals can be preserved through photography. Since the late ’70’s, Martha Cooper has documented urban art with a view towards historic preservation. Her work will help make this art form immortal, providing future generations of artists and historians with images of what has been called the biggest art movement in the history of the world. The gallery will exhibit Martha’s photos in a timeline from the ’70s until today, following her interest in graffiti as it spread from a localised New York City phenomenon into a massive worldwide urban art movement. Included in the exhibition will be also photos of StolenSpace Gallery artists shot by Martha in various locations.

Meeting of Styles 2015

Now in its 6th year, Meeting of Styles UK took place again in London. This event was organised by End Of The Line and offer an awesome 3 days of painting and hip hop.

More pictures after the fold

Meeting of Styles UK 2015 | Art-Pie

We could only attend one day but truly enjoyed the authenticity of the event and were pleased to see that it was held at Nomadic Community Gardens, in the heart of East london. This area has become I hear a must-go to see Street Art in London. Other pop up spots included Allen Gardens, Pedley Street, Grimsby Street & Scalter Street.



Meeting of Styles UK 2015 | Art-Pie


Meeting of Styles UK 2015 | Art-PieMeeting of Styles UK 2015 | Art-PieMeeting of Styles UK 2015 | Art-PieMeeting of Styles UK 2015 | Art-PieMeeting of Styles UK 2015 | Art-Pie