The Art-Pie Short List of Must-See London Art Fairs

Art Fairs guide | Art-Pie

Not sure about you, but right now is a very exciting period for me. Yes, it is that time of the year when London gets very busy with a multitude of art... Read more

Ralph Steadman does Breaking Bad

Ralph Steadman's covers for Breaking Bad | Art-Pie

We all know ‘Breaking Bad’, the American TV show that captivated millions of people. But did you know that the limited edition Blu-ray, which is about... Read more

Alex Meade’s 3D made into 2D street art

Alexa Meade | Art-Pie

Meet Alexa Meade. He creates amazing series of living graffiti art but the twist is that he masters the ability of using actual people made to look like... Read more


Hong kong protest and the Umbrella Revolution art | Art-Pie

The umbrella, as a symbol of the protests that are going on in Hong Kong, resulted from police pepper spray, used against activists, who used it as a... Read more

The Meeting place by Paul Day

The Meeting Place by Paul Day | Art-Pie

Of all the public art on display at the St Pancras station in London (UK), one piece stands out. I am talking about the bronze statue called The Meeting... Read more

Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s street art illusion

Mehdi Ghadyanloo's illusion street art | Art-Pie

Meet Mehdi Ghadyanloo, a proficient street artist from Teheran, Israel. The artist style is ‘illusion’ and his works always need you to look... Read more

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