Social Organisation of Appearances

Death To Me, Death To Everyone, (c)2008 Edd Pearman
Death To Me, Death To Everyone, (c)2008 Edd Pearman

“The concept of ‘the spectacle’ interrelates and explains a wide range of seemingly unconnected phenomena. The apparent diversities and contrasts of the phenomena stem from the social organisation of appearances, whose essential nature must itself be recognised. Considered in its own terms, the spectacle is an affirmation of appearances and an identification of all human social life with appearances. But a critique that grasps the spectacle’s essential character reveals it to be a visible negation of life – a negation that has taken on a visible form.”[1]

Guy Debord from Society of the Spectacle

This Me Of Mine ! Art-Pie
Whilst I Breathe, I Hope, (c)2011 Edd Pearman

I didn’t have to delve far into Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle to find what I was hoping to find. This quote by Debord states the nature of the spectacle as an affirmation of ‘appearance’, while a critical look at spectacle reveals the spectacle to be a ‘negation of life’. This is the very essence of what Edd Pearman explores in his work. “Duality has a strong influence throughout my work, each work maintains a two-fold characteristic in its content i.e. Humour and horror, life and death, hope and despair.  All initially appear to embody one intention, yet possess in equal measure, opposite qualities,” says Edd.

Appearance is seductive – and deadly. Is that a hyperbolic statement for effect? Possibly, but think of all the little deaths you’ve experienced for the sake of appearance and you may find you agree with me.

Read more of our interview, False Together, for This ‘Me’ of Mine.


[1] Debord, Guy, Society of the Spectacle, trans. Ken Knabb, Rebel Press, London, pg.9

TRXTR new show "Lucked Up" at Get Up gallery

TRXTR | Art-PieUK based artist TRXTR has a new show but this time in the United States and precisely in Las Vegas. The artist’s work touches on social and moral issues. TRXTR is true ti his style where photography is cleverly mixed with painting through a bunch of techniques

It is difficult not to feel anything when looking at the artist’s work –  his work is often disturbing or disconcerting which makes atmospheres transpire to which the viewers ultimately react to it.

From the gallery “Concerns about exploitation, globalization and corruption appear over and over again, but the tone is ambivalent. He is not preaching to us, but reproducing some of the sickly sweet images of commercialism in a way that it is genuinely hard to tell if he is celebrating them or railing against them.”

From the artist “The luck of being born pretty, rich, handsome, gifted and in the majority is real luck in this world. For the rest there is Vegas and its clones where in the nano second before you’re screwed you can imagine what it’s like to be in the one percent.”

There is a twist at the opening  night, TRXTR tells us about it – all purchases made inside of Get Up Gallery will be eligible for the “Fifty Buck Chuck” promotion. Each purchaser will get a chance to roll a dice. The number that is rolled will be multiplied by $50, and the discount will be applied to the piece purchased. This opportunity to save up to $300 will only be available on the evening of the opening.

TRXTR | Art-Pie

‘LUCKED UP’  the exceptional Trxtr solo show at Get Up Gallery in Vagas opening on 7th September 2012 from 7:00pm-11:00pm

When: 7th – 29th September.

Where: Get Up Gallery, 520 Fremont Street , Las Vegas , NV 89101 .

TRXTR Official Website

5 Batman related street art pieces you ought to see

With the release of the new Batman : Arkham night video game just around the corner, we looked at 5 remarkable street art pieces related to the broader ‘Batman’ theme.

UK street is our first artist. JPS’s does pop culture works with a witty slogan. JPS’ often depicts iconic comic book and movie characters including Ted, Batman, Spiderman, and even Freddie Kruger and normally stencils them. Read an interview with Street Artist United States

Batman by JPS | Art-Pie

Mario Calvo and Pato Kozow
The work below, ‘The Creation of Batman‘ was painted in a square in Buenos Aires and you may have recognised its reinterpretation of Michael Angelo’s ‘The creation of Adam’ he painted in the Sistine Chapel. God is played by The Joker and the part of Adam is played by Batman.

Creation of Batman | Art-Pie

This artist is France based and the piece is called ‘Batman and Robin kissing’

Batman & Robin kissing - Art-Pie

Artist unknown
This is actually an illustration but we thought we’ll throw it in there as we find it quite funny

Batman | Art-Pie

Artist unknown

Batman | Art-Pie

Franz West dies at the age of 55

Franz WestThe artist Franz West has died. For those familiar with the artist or keen on sculpture, this must feel like the art world has lost one of its valuable creative thinker. The trademark of Franz West’s work was largescale bursting with colours sculptures often querky in their shapes and defintely surrealist.

West’s artwork would be made out of plaster, papier-mâché, wire, polyester, aluminium and other, ordinary materials. He had a go at paintings first but rapidly turned his interest to collages, sculptures and in particular portable sculptures called “Adaptives” or “Fitting Pieces”, environments and furniture.

It doesn’t matter what the art looks like but how it’s used” Franz West.

As a tribute, we have included picture of his most iconic sculptures. Franz West was definitely original with hus approach to sculpture and our pavements and park will be more sad now.

The Ego and the Id by Franz West | Art-Pie
The Ego and the Id by Franz West

Untitled by Franz West | Art-PieEidolon by Franz West | Art-Pie

Fiac by Franz West | Art-Pie

Smears by Franz West | Art-Pie

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