INSA collaboration with Pepsi Max

We tend not to plug any commercial stuff on this site but we are happy to do this time since the end result is pretty kick-ass.


Pepsi MAX asked people to tell them about the Pepsi Max Cherry and then got artist INSA involved in order to bring to life their words and opinions – we will focus here on the animated GIF outcome and not on the taste of that drink 🙂

British musician Charli XCX made the soundtrack for this animation

How they produced the video below?

A 360 degree camera rig was built around the installation using 90 cameras, allowing every angle of the art to be captured simultaneously.

Each artwork was painted twenty four times over, layer upon layer, so they would animate when put together using stop motion.

Millions of people have watched the video now. That is part of what speaks to youths about such collaborations, INSA tells Marketing: “The young people that are Pepsi’s audience are so used to engaging with things so flippantly and getting instantaneously satisfaction, but knowing that that instant took a whole load of time and effort to make gives that human element within the digital stuff.”

This form or art is called “Gif-iti”, Gif- what sorry?

In this other video below, INSA tells us about how what it’s called GIF graffiti (“Gif-iti”) came about and shows us the “behind the scenes” of another project he was involved with involving a satellite from space.

If you cannot be bothered to watch the video, here is how “Gif-iti” is created – GIF-ITI is made via a laborious physical process involving numerous layers of painting and meticulous planning.

Starting where most artwork ends, GIF-ITI entails photographing each layer the artist paints by hand. These images are then uploaded and overlaid to create the final piece, a looping GIF file which comes to live when released to global audiences online.

Read more on Insa & GIF-iti

Deep Focus, the new show from Art In Mind at Brick Lane gallery

Deep Focus, the new show from Art In Mind, launches on the 2nd March with a drinks preview from 6pm. The exhibition, which spans both The Brick Lane Gallery and our new space, The Annexe, comprises of exciting new work from both UK and International artists.

Running until 13th March we recommend you don’t miss your chance to view this stunning collection!

LAUNCH of New Gallery Space: The Brick Lane Gallery/Annexe

The Brick Lane Gallery is pleased to announce the LAUNCH of our brand new gallery space on Sclater Street in east London , just round the corner from our existing gallery. The new space will run alongside the popular Brick Lane Gallery and both spaces are available to hire for solo and group exhibitions as well as student degree shows. We are currently accepting applications for gallery hire for 2011.

Open 7 days a week with a dedicated sales team, this beautiful new space has created quite a buzz in the area already. Perfect for a week long hire, our experienced team can offer everything from promotion to curation and can host the openings giving the artist the unique opportunity for a stress-free, successful exhibition!

For more information about services, prices and availability please email Alison or Daisy on

Words from Brick Lane art gallery

‘Life Work’ by Martha Cooper at Stolen Space

'Life work' by Marhta Cooper | Art-Pie
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About Exhibition

Martha Cooper is a legendary photographer who has shot around the globe, beginning with USA to Asia. She worked both for papers and magazines like New York Post and National Geographic and independently, making contributions into her personal archive.
Stories and captures that appeared in her lens were different and timely: travels, people and of course art. She has been documenting graffiti and street art for 40 years and her iconic book “Subway Art” influenced on graffiti culture and opened a new world to those whose countries came to urban art much later than in USA.

Martha Cooper | Art-Pie
Location: Soweto

Martha Cooper is still working with graffiti and street artists, documenting artworks of US and international artists around the world, and continues to make an important contribution to the urban art movement.

Graffiti and street art are ephemeral but pieces and murals can be preserved through photography. Since the late ’70’s, Martha Cooper has documented urban art with a view towards historic preservation. Her work will help make this art form immortal, providing future generations of artists and historians with images of what has been called the biggest art movement in the history of the world. The gallery will exhibit Martha’s photos in a timeline from the ’70s until today, following her interest in graffiti as it spread from a localised New York City phenomenon into a massive worldwide urban art movement. Included in the exhibition will be also photos of StolenSpace Gallery artists shot by Martha in various locations.

Metazoa, a new show by ROA

ROA | Art-Pie

Belgium, the country where Roa is from, must be a far away from what this artists get to travel to. I remember seeing a few years back the first street art pieces from ROA across London and thinking: what this guy does is quite fresh.

Now, look what he is up to: a show in New York city at the Jonathan Levine gallery. Nice one.

Then, when I heard about that show, I thought it is going to be the same shit: wildlife subjects, 2 colour artwork (black and white) on some wooden panels which can be manipulated by viewers to reveal the inside of the depicted animals.

ROA | Art-Pie

Guess what? Bang on. However, I noticed that the quality of the paintings is sharper and that the artist uses in a bolder way, the red colour to emphasise the inside of his painted animals.

A friend actually sent me a link to that show and when I said to him, ‘You know what, I am sure I have seen it before’, he replied that accomplished artists have a style of their own, a signature and if people like it, and I am sure you are all like it, why change it. He, like of all us, need to fill his pockets with money so if what he does, sell, then be it.

Point made and agreed. Yes I have seen it before but I would fly to New York right after I finished writing up this post just because seeing ROA’s stuff is always enjoyable and fun.
ROA | Art-Pie

The show runs until the 2nd May 2015.

Lucky enough to live in New-York and actually planning on checking it that show? We would love if you could share your pics and thoughts about it so get in touch today!

What – “Metazoa”, a solo show by ROA
Where – “Jonathan Levine gallery, 529 West 20th Street, Gallery I, New York (USA)
When – until the 2nd May 2015

ROA | Art-Pie

ROA | Art-Pie

ROA | Art-Pie

ROA | Art-Pie

First seen on Mashkulture

Art Drive – BMW cars turned into artwork

Art Drive - Jeff Koons | Art-PieWhatever some may think about the London 2012 Olympics, it is bringing a lot art and life to the city making it not only the sport capital of the world but very much a cultural hub right now. We have started to enjoy the many exhibitions and pop up art shows part of the London 2012 festival that is running along the Olympics and actually right into September.

We made our first stop at Art Drive and we so glad we did. The NCP Car Park, 35 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3ER which I ignored so many times as I walked past, is now cocooning the BMW Art Car Collection. 17 cars turned into pieces of art. I will never see again that car park with the same eyes.

You have to go back in 1975 to see the first ever BMW Art Car burning some rubber at the famous Le Mans 24-hour race. From there 16 other Art cars followed which all competed in this very race until the current and last one ever painted – The Jeff Koons one, see below for pictures. Some of the artists who got involved in this 35-year long project are Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, Cesar Manrique or Frank Stella.

But enough about the history, let’s go and see the cars! The settings for this show are completely surreal: the car wash team, based outside of the car park was at it while I was greeted with a big smile by the the Art Drive team and quickly ushered inside the car park and rapidly wafted in a huge lift that can most definitely contain a couple of cars but above all that made me feel right into some sort of action or sci-fi movies like Alien. I was excited now.

The girofar then went off, a strident sound soon followed that smashed the relative silence that had settled during my journey up to the unknown. The door slid open: I had reached the 8th floor and was about to see my first Art Car.

Enjoy the pictures below and leave a comment if you like any of them! Consult this website to read more about the cars, designs and artists that took part in this project

A bit of trivia for you – the BMW Art Car M1 by Andy Warhol was the most successful car on the circuit de la Sarthe, it took sixth place overall in 1979.

The latest and last BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons
Art Drive - Jeff Koons | Art-Pie

Art Drive - Alexander Calder | Art-Pie

Art Drive - Sandro Chia | Art-PieArt Drive - Esther Malangu | Art-Pie

Art Drive - Roy Lichtenstein | Art-Pie

Art Drive - Frank Stella | Art-Pie

Art Drive - Andy Warhol | Art-Pie

“So it goes” by The Connor Brothers at Hang Up gallery

'So it goes' by The Connor Brothers | Art-Pie

‘So It Goes…’ features new work from the artist’s notorious and much sought after Pulp Fiction series, which explores the porous boundary between reality and fiction. The duo have created an exclusive collection of original hand painted Pulp Fiction paperbacks, original canvas works and hand painted limited editions that reflect their interest in how our understanding of the world is formed by the narratives we tell about it.

Following a series of sell out exhibitions from Los Angeles to Sydney, these internationally acclaimed artists are back in London with not only a new body of work, but a new cause – the foundation on an NGO in association with the artists’ friends and collaborators Pussy Riot. The new show will combine reality and fiction with an installation detailing their experiences in ‘The Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais. Hang-Up will be releasing a third limited edition charity print to raise further funds to build additional shelters when they return to The Jungle with Pussy Riot in December.

WHAT – ‘SO it goes’ by The Connor Brothers
WHERE – Hang Up gallery, 81 Stoke Newington Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 8AD
WHEN – 13 NOV – 6 DEC 2015

Artful at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea London

Affordable Art Fair | Art-PieThe Affordable Art Fair (AAF), taking place this week end in Battersea, is one of our favourite art fairs in London. We enjoy it for many reasons but above all because of the quality and diversity of the exhibitors such as Artful.

110 galleries with 1,100 artists

Get ready to add a splash of art to your walls as the Affordable Art Fair returns to Battersea Park this October. New galleries will fly in from across the globe to exhibit alongside fair favourites, so whether your taste is traditional or trailblazing, classic or cutting-edge, you’re sure to find an artwork to suit your space.


Artful, stand F2

Artful | Art-PieMeet Joshua Blackburn, its founder:

“Photography is a narrative art that deals with snatched moments, like a form of visual eavesdropping. For me, this quality is what makes photography so engaging. The audience gets a window into an alternate reality that can be enigmatic and intriguing.

Night Visitors #4 by Adrian Siamson | Art-Pie
Night Visitors #4 by Adrian Siamson | Art-Pie

This is certainly what drew me to the works you find here. These stories, or story fragments, have an aura of the unreal and unexpected. Some, like Adrian Samson’s Night Visitors, are fantastic. Others, like James French’s Beach, are almost cinematic. Even familiar subjects – the city skyline, the petrol station, the forest – have an unfamiliar quality that draws me in.

I love work like this because I can return to it again and again and feel its pull. It’s a pleasure listening to a great storyteller, even when you’ve heard the story before, and it’s the same with great photography. You want to stop and look… and look again.”

Woozy at the outsiders

The Outsiders is proud to present I Dont Care About My Face, the first UK solo exhibition by the artist Woozy. Downstairs in The Dungeon, Woozy will exhibit a colourful showcase of his most recent canvases, works on metal and paper.

Originating from Athens Greece, Woozy is renowned for his large-scale murals and outdoor wall paintings that have graced the international urban landscape. Collaborating with a wide network of street artists most notably Os Gemeos, he has travelled his utopian vision across Europe into China and down to Brazil. Whilst maintaining his passion for painting the outdoors, Woozy has now after 20 years turned his focus inside to brightening gallery walls.

Woozys latest series of work retains his signature minimal, yet colorful forms interweaving
an array of diverse materials, styles and techniques. Transcending the limitations of a specific setting or known face, the characters in his paintings are those who journey through space and time embracing a sense of universal beauty found in the abstract.

Texture, light and colour are the Woozys means for the collective expression of freedom.
From the artist on the subject of his forthcoming show: There is a moment, an instant, an incident, a point of contact where the mind pauses. Painting is an action and the action of a painter is a scream. Society has no face. Its the echo of voices, the scent of life. Colors are the expression of movements in the light. When one looks behind his shoulder, everything will fade away, flames will burn out and the bombs will take away the veil from the eyes of those who have lost their freedom.

When: 18th March – 9th April 2011
Where: The Outsiders, 8 Greek Street, W1D 4DG | Monday – Saturday 11am – 7pm, free entry