10 cinemagraphs that will amaze you


You may have seen those before or you may have not. but cinemagraphs, as they are called, are hot right now in the design world, blogs and social media... Read more

Motion exposure or light painting combined to sport movements


You may have heard about light painting, if not, here are a few words about it – Light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are... Read more

Jean-Paul Bourdier’s stunning body painted photographs

Jean Paul Bourdier | Art-Pie

When I first saw these pictures by photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier, I was completely amazed by the clever compositions and jusxtapositions and even more... Read more

animated gifs better than 3D

Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

There seems to be a trend amongst many other on the web right now – animated GIFs. I must admit, I love some of them. Some are hilarious and other... Read more

5 industrial GIFs you have not seen

Industrial GIFs | Art-Pie

GIFs are everywhere these days and we are not sure why they have suddenly become so trendy but we seem to have stepped on the wave and are giving you 5... Read more

Self-Portrait Animation made with face paint by Emma Allen

Emma Allen | Art-Pie

This is simply amazing. London-based artist Emma Allen uses face paint to show herself aging, dying, and being reborn. It took her five days of face... Read more

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