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Dance & 3D – Le mouvement de l’air

3D dance - Art-Pie

3D technology which once was promised to succeed (back in the 80s) completely disappeared (or almost) as a medium for any artistry around but this is changing. 3D movies have been a regular hits at the Box Office while 3D gaming is booming. 3D and dance? Meet... Read more

INSA collaboration with Pepsi Max

INSA gif-iti for PESPSI | Art-Pie

We tend not to plug any commercial stuff on this site but we are happy to do this time since the end result is pretty kick-ass. About Pepsi MAX asked people to tell them about the Pepsi Max Cherry and then got artist INSA involved in order to bring... Read more

Jean-Paul Bourdier’s stunning body painted photographs

Jean Paul Bourdier | Art-Pie

When I first saw these pictures by photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier, I was completely amazed by the clever compositions and juxtapositions and even more by the colours which shine in front of your eyes. My immediate second thought was that these must... Read more

Sam cannon at SCOPE international art fair in Miami

SCOPE, an international art fair, is under way now until this Sunday 6/12 and along with scores of people, it brings out fresh new talent such as Sam Cannon. Sam Cannon, 23, is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and a digital media artist... Read more

5 animated GIFs you cannot miss

Animated GIFs | Art-Pie

Animated GIFs have been around for ages, they really have. Who has not seen those crazy ones of animals or people where a short action is captured and play in loop… forever. This was before. Today there are many artists that are taking animated... Read more

4 awesome photo manipulations by Leo Rocha

All you need is Ecuador | Art-Pie

When asking Leo Rocha about making striking images to publicise Ecuador and its tourism, I wonder whether the tourism board of this country knew that they were in for a treat! I do not know for you but we think here at Art-Pie that these are pretty awesome... Read more

Centuries-Old Japanese Woodblock Prints Meet Animated GIFs

We’ve all seen these ancient centuries-old technique of prints, what about mixing some GIF animation and totally change how you see the art. The artist is Segawa Atsuki, who uses Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to create the movement which... Read more

Three of the best painting apps available today

For a long time, artists have had to rely on their desktops and laptops to do work. Even with the dawn of smartphones, which are now as powerful as some PCs that were released over a decade ago, people still preferred working with their traditional computing... Read more

Lego Georges Washington goes to Egypt

Lego George Washington | Art-Pie

Created with the support of Friends Night. Special thanks to Mark Ingram and Chris Cornwell for additional art and animation. Lego George Washington lives at Legogeorgewashington.com  Read More

10 inspiring photo manipulation by Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson | Art--Pie

This is no the first time we write about Erik Johansson and his extraordinary ability to photo manipulate daily life scenes. Erik  is a full time photographer and retoucher from Sweden. Erik doesn’t capture moments, he capture ideas in the form of... Read more