5 industrial GIFs you have not seen

Industrial GIFs | Art-Pie

GIFs are everywhere these days and we are not sure why they have suddenly become so trendy but we seem to have stepped on the wave and are giving you 5... Read more

Self-Portrait Animation made with face paint by Emma Allen

Emma Allen | Art-Pie

This is simply amazing. London-based artist Emma Allen uses face paint to show herself aging, dying, and being reborn. It took her five days of face... Read more

A 97 year old, nearly blind man who works wonders with MS Paint

Hal Lasko | Art-Pie

His name is Hal Lasko, his nickname Grandpa. What he did for living is something we will probably never see again – he was a graphic artist back... Read more

Tatsuo Horiuchi | the 73-year old Excel spreadsheet artist

Tatsuo Horiuchi | Art-Pie

Meet Tatsuo Horiuchi, a 73-year old Excel spreadsheet artist. Yes I know, you must be thinking “Excel spreadhseet, wth?!“. While millions of... Read more


ASCII art | Art-Pie

Some people out there may recognise themselves when I say that 2 of my hobbies, 2 of the things I spend the most at are typing on a computer and looking,... Read more

Project Mighty and Napoleon by Adobe

Mighty and Napoleon projects

The last few years have seen the rise of digital art. Devices such as Ipads have been at the forefront of this and some artists already master the new... Read more

The Duel – a LEGO animation

The Duel – a LEGO animation

Animation by Namchild (based on ‘Duel’ by Lohenhart) All effects (incl. motion blur/explosions/wind/wood etc.) are in shot and were happening... Read more

The incredible digital art of Erik Johansson

Cut & Fold by Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is one of those guys who have raw talent. He excels on digital photography and produces outstanding results. And you know what? He has not... Read more

New York – The Big City


We have come across to this stunning time lapse video from Pedro Simão and could not resist to share it. Ah we miss the Big Apple, we gotta get back... Read more

Noise Intercepted, global art project about noise

Labspace Studios | Noise Intercepted

Photo by Sam Pelletier Noise. Noises. They are everywhere these days and unique in their own ways but can they be assimilated to art too? Labspace Studio... Read more

Magnolia, the cheap but awesome video


This is amazing what you can produce with very little money, this video below only costs $80. All the word to “Magnolia” (188) was handmade... Read more

Day Tripper, a stop motion by LC Beats

Def Wish Cast "Day Tripper"

We present you the latest animation from filmmaker and human beatboxer, Luke Cavalan (aka LC Beats). Entitled “Day Tripper”, the stop motion... Read more

Liquid Pixels, creative technology with your phone and water

Liquid Pixels from STEAK studios

Samsung and the Galaxy Note II introduce Liquid Pixels. A short film documenting a piece of interactive water art, controlled solely using the Galaxy Note... Read more

Jean-Paul Bourdier stunning body painted photographs

Jean Paul Bourdier | Art-Pie

When I first saw these pictures by photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier, I was completely amazed by the clever compositions and jusxtapositions and even more... Read more

Invaders goes deep and high

Invaders goes under water | Art-Pie

Invader‘s trademark, the so recognisable  pixelated alien character from the even more famous arcade game from the 80′s has been seen by... Read more

The 500 festival comes to Village Underground

One of Mikel Kruminswill's latest work | Art-Pie

The 500 Festival, a new art and music festival is coming to Shoreditch this October and promised to entertain you all day and night and showcase of some... Read more

100,000 LED lights to light up the Sumida River


Tokyo has always been a mistery to me, one of these cities that will you blow away for sure. What follows would certainly water my eyes. At the occasion... Read more

Soundsculpture by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer using Kinect

Soundsculpture by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer using Kinect

When I first watched this video of Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer’s soundsculpture project, I was fascinated and watched it again several times. Not... Read more

Sound painting – get your own today


I have not been felling so excited like this for a while. Steady, I am talking here about the concept of sound painting. I know what you are thinking right... Read more

Dropbear's latest stop-motion

Dropbear’s latest stop-motion

920 pencils and 5125 images is what what Jonathan Chong (also called Dropbear) needed to put together this very neat stop-motion for the Melbourne-based... Read more

When just interesting isn't enough – breathing new life into the artbook. An interview with French-Belgian media artist Gaston Gouron

Media Artist Gaston Gouron with Never-ending Conversation

Gaston Gouron is a visual media artist based in Brussels. His work caught my attention at a show about art books. Not by surprise, yet I think more by... Read more

Rippled, light painting and animation at their best

Rippled, light painting and animation at their best

There are quite a few light-painting based videos/animations out there these days, some very well done, some others a bit less but what about this one... Read more

Post War Years by Tobias Stretch

Post War Years by Tobias Stretch

We were very impressed about 2 years ago when we stumbled upon the stop motion video from Tobias Stretch called Lucia a mesmerizing work, creepy at times... Read more

Graffiti Analysis v3.0

graffiti analysis

This is simply one of the most exciting projects I have come across recently. My liking for this amazing technology is probably the result of a personality... Read more

Video painting at Cordy house, London


Video installation by the creative Brooklyn duo Sweatshoppe. The principle is simple: a LED roller paints video onto a wall. The effect is guaranteed. Thanks... Read more

Fractal art: when Mr maths is the artist


When I first heard about ‘fractal’ art, I did not have a clue what it could be so I thought I’ll investigate this further and was quickly... Read more

The billboard art project


Some will tell you how ugly all these road signs, billboards and others are and how much they give our cities an ugly look. This is when The Billboard... Read more

Paul Collis – digital artist


We have met with Paul Collis, a talented mixed medias artist, who accepted to answer a few questions for us. Here is the interview. ART-PIE: Tell us about... Read more

Immaterials: light painting WiFi networks


Light Painting WiFi is the creation of Timo Arnall, Jorn Knutsen, Einar Sneve Martinussen. Their work explores the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in... Read more

James George or how to use Kinect (Xbox)


Microsoft must have amazed quite a few of us with their latest innovation, I want to talke here about Kinect by like for all genius products, there is... Read more

The Brick Thief – a short film by LEGO


Lego, lego and lego. We like it very much here at ART-PIE and were very excited to learn about the release of their latest short film – The Brick... Read more

8-bitscapes prints now available: want one, defo.

8-bitscapes - Pacmanhattan

I just love the concept and even more the outcome: a unique series of prints now available to purchase at Prescription Art 8-bitscapes is a collaboration... Read more

Damien Hirst artwork for Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Without mentioning (but I will anyway) that the hype around Damien Hirst these days is far too much, member of the YBA (Young British Artists) is, was,... Read more

‘Brushes’ iPhone app: painting at the touch of your finger

New Yorker mag cover created with Brushes

If you read my post about digital painting, you may have got that ART-PIE believes in the ‘get your hands dirty’ approach when it comes to... Read more

Gordon Cheung at Room: multi media artist


I always find fascinating when an artist can juggle between medias or techniques, when artists can be as varied as Gordon Cheung is. It is definitely a... Read more

Digital painting: not like the real thing isn’t it?

Impossible LOV3 by Bluefley

With computers everywhere (or almost) and the digital age, a new form of art is emerging and while the end product can be rather astonishing, this can... Read more

Video painting: showing the world in real time


What an exciting concept and so twenty-first century! Any web 2.0 person with a strong interest in art has to embrace this concept. Not surprising that... Read more

Digital art: stop motion


Stop-motion (also known as stop-action or frame-by-frame) is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.... Read more

Jim Campbell: art and pixels


A man runs. He falls down. He struggles back onto his feet and he runs some more. It’s a simple narrative. Even without much detail, you can understand... Read more

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