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Majajani show at Rich Mix

Majajani at Rich Mix | Art-Pie

This exhibition aims to show Chila Kumari Burman’s work from 2000 to the present. For more than twenty five years Chila has been creating powerful... Read more

The Great British sculpture show at Hatfield house

Wilfried Pritchard | Art-PIe

I was up for a treat, a helicopter fly and guess what, I got another treat: the Great British Sculpture Show currently in full swing at Hatfield house. After... Read more

John Felix Arnold at Shooting gallery

John Felix Arnold | Art-Pie

We did not happen to be at the opening reception for John FelixArnold III’s show Pilgrimage just because being based in London, a trip to at Shooting... Read more

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin gallery

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin | Art-Pie

Tom French is one of these artists who conveys a very particular style and when you see a “Tom French” you know right away that it is a “Tom... Read more

Sculptures from the London Art fair

Sculptures - London Art Fair | Art-Pie

Following our first trip to the London Art fair, where we noticed and appreciated very much the abstract works on display, we thought we would be sharing... Read more

Gimme gimme abstract art at the London Art Fair


On our way to the Business Centre, where the London Art fair takes place, we could not help but speculating about what we would see and remembered all... Read more

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