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Tom French at Lawrence Alkin gallery

Tom French at Lawrence Alkin | Art-Pie

Tom French is one of these artists who conveys a very particular style and when you see a “Tom French” you know right away that it is a “Tom... Read more

Sculptures from the London Art fair

Sculptures - London Art Fair | Art-Pie

Following our first trip to the London Art fair, where we noticed and appreciated very much the abstract works on display, we thought we would be sharing... Read more

Gimme gimme abstract art at the London Art Fair


On our way to the Business Centre, where the London Art fair takes place, we could not help but speculating about what we would see and remembered all... Read more

“The Ugly American” by Saber at The Outsiders


“The Ugly America” show opening today at The Outsiders is the work of legendary graffiti artist Saber’. The artist spent 8 weeks immersed... Read more

‘Murder’ a show by Robin Lee at Tapestry gallery

Robin Lee at Tapestry gallery | Art-Pie

How would you feel if you were the suspect of a murder? And what if the investigation would last 17 years? You might go mad one might say. Or you might... Read more

Haroshi at Stolen Space

Haroshi at Stolen Space | Art-Pie

As soon as you step in Stolen Space, you cannot help but look to the right as you have spotted something big from the corner of your eye. It is there.... Read more

Dave white new show “sold out” at Lock Studios


Loughran Gallery is treating us big time with Dave White new show “Sold out”, they are treating us not just because the show is a retrospective... Read more

Copyright at London Westbank gallery


We managed to get down to the London Westbank gallery to attend the opening of “Thirteen”, the new Copyright solo show. We arrived quite early... Read more

Ben Eine’s ‘Tenderloin’ A-Z showcase

Ben Eine | Art-Pie

When I first read about this event from my inbox, I must admit I got quite excited as Ben Eine and his work are exciting. If you love colours, letters... Read more

Under her skin at Atomica gallery

Under her skin at Atomica gallery | Art-Pie

I looked out of the window and the only thought that came through my mind was “bloody weather”. It was pretty nasty out there, aggressive showers... Read more

The Urban Iconic Show at Hoxton Arches

Urban & Iconic show | Art-Pie

We missed this show unfortunately but we got a batch of photographs fro the show so we thought we should share them with you. The show ran from the 5th... Read more

Young Masters at Curious Duke gallery


By Ben Levy “Young Masters” is the latest show from Curious Duke gallery and is now in full swing. We went down to check it out what the group... Read more

Dale Grimshaw at Signal gallery – Moreish


We made our way down to one of our favorite art galleries to check out the new set of works from Dale Grimshaw that makes up his new show entitled “Moreish”.... Read more

New York Kings at Pure Evil


Although street art is inviting itself in auction rooms and household lounges these days, it is still regarded by a large majority of us as vandalism.... Read more

Shepard Fairey Sound & Vision show


Shepard Fairey’s Sound and Vision show has been the hot topic in town for the last few weeks. The artist and his crew has hit hard for this show... Read more

Guy Denning at Signal gallery – Paradiso


Bristol born artist, Guy Denning final part of his trilogy of exhibitions (It’s the final part of his trilogy of exhibitions interpreting Dante’s The... Read more

Ye Hongxing "The Modern Utopia" at Scream

Ye Hongxing | Art-Pie

Beijing based artist Ye Hongxing is having her the first UK exhibition at Scream on Eastcastle street, London and the interest seems to be great and not... Read more

Otto Schade at Frameless gallery

Otto Schade - frameless gallery | Art-Pie

It was lunch time and I was again walking towards the place that would put an end to the hunger I had been victim off all morning. I then once again walked... Read more

Art Drive – BMW cars turned into artwork

Art Drive - Jeff Koons | Art-Pie

Whatever some may think about the London 2012 Olympics, it is bringing a lot art and life to the city making it not only the sport capital of the world... Read more

Ron English and Risk at Black Rat Projects

Big Boy by Risk - Art-Pie

We managed to get a look at the latest show at Black Rat Projects called “Letters From America” where works from Ron English, TrustoCorp, Risk and Saber are... Read more

Wonderful World, solo show by Gérard Rancinan

Gerard Rancinan

Where: Londonewcastle Project Space When: 7-24 June 2012 Thursday evening I managed to drop by the Londonewcastle space to see first hand the Rancinan... Read more

Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

ART-PIE - Joram Roukes at Signal gallery

Another show that was one not to miss so I pressed on to get there asap. Joram Roukes is a regular at Signal gallery, this is not his first show in the... Read more

Catlin Art Prize 2012

Julia Vogl's "lets hang out" - Catlin art prize winner

Let’s hang out by Julia Vogl Catlin Art Prize (www.artcatlin.com) When: Wednesday 16 April 2012 Where: Londonnewcastle Project Space, London, E2... Read more

Bauhaus: Art as Life


Last week The Barbican Centre opened its doors to a major exhibition about the highly influential Bauhaus movement. The show explores the German art and... Read more

Designs of the Year

Designs of the Year

I must admit I don’t often think about how design is all around me. I could say it is embedded in my life, from when I wake up to when I go to bed.... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part 3

Elfyn Lewis via Beaux Arts London

Here is the third part of our artists pick from the 2012 London art fair | Read part 1 | Read part 2 Paul Richards via Connaught Brown Pastel on paper Elfyn... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part2

Fernando Kindelan via Olivier Waltman gallery

Here is the second part of our artists pick from the 2012 London Art fair | Read part 1 | Read part 3 Pakpoom Silaphan via Scream Collage and illustration... Read more

Artists pick from the 2012 London art fair – part1

Gerald Laing via Sims Red gallery

If there is one art fair I have been and do not want to miss from now on, is the London Art Fair (LAF). Why is that? Just simply because it presents over... Read more

Robert Brandenburg at Gallery 1988

Tigger and Pooh

In “Pooh… and Other Sh*t,” Robert Brandenburg brings “hijacked” art to Gallery 1988 in Venice Beach, CA. As a self-taught artist... Read more

ROA at Form gallery

ROA - Paradox at Form gallery

ROA is an artist that we are very familiar with being that he was one of the first artists we followed while in the UK. We lived around his street works... Read more

French artists at Genty Fine Art’s Christmas Show

Genty Fine Art Christmas Show

I have always loved the saying “you learn something new everyday”; mainly because it is a saying my grandfather always drummed into me and also because... Read more

Helen Gorrill’s solo show DEICIDE at Degree Art

Deicide Promo

Saturday 26 November I made way to Degree Art’s gallery on Vyner Street to view the works of Helen Gorrill on show in the solo exhibition titled DEICIDE.... Read more

Wimbledon Art Studios

Darryn Eggleton

Want to see art outside of the commercial galleries? Or maybe like me you have lofty dreams of starting your own art collection. This weekend take a trip... Read more

Rotofugi – A Gallery and Toy Store!


Chicago, IL – Rotofugi, home to toys and art. One of the best venues for pop surrealism a mere mile and a half away from my current home. The charming,... Read more

Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan

Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani (Lady with the Ermine) © Princes Czartoryski Foundation

The much hyped Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition opens at the National Gallery from today with a seven room exhibition. The display is ideal for those who adore... Read more

Adam Neate, dimensional painting at Elms

Adam Neate - Red Dimensional Portrait

Adam Neate – Red Dimensional Portrait Once again I was on my way to the Elms Lesters Painting rooms to go and check out the latest dimensional paintings... Read more

The Factory: Warhol and His Circle

David McCabe Philip Johnson's Glasshouse 1965

Warhol, just the name conjures up an instant catalogue of artworks/images that transcend generations – the Campbell’s Soup tins, the Jackie Kennedy... Read more

White Cube, Bermondsey

light box installations by Kitty Kraus © Oli Scarff

Funding cuts aplenty and rent price hikes it’s no wonder galleries are tiptoeing around trying to make the best decisions when it comes to their businesses.... Read more

Nick Gentry at Whisper gallery


We are big fan of artists using what they can find around them to help them making art or in Nick Gentry’s case, using floppy disks to be his support... Read more

The ap-art summer show

Joe Black - Made In China

I am so glad that the show got extended since although it has been on all summer, I did not manage to go down before last week end. I meant to go for ages... Read more

Fibre Femmes at Surfacepop


A all female paste up and stencil show: for a show that features several artists, the layout of the works in the space felt as though it was seven minds... Read more

Ears at No Vacancy Gallery


We visited this show just after a quick walk through the famous Hosier Lane in Melbourne CBD. The walls of the Lane sport some of Ears original stylings... Read more

Fasim – The Montana Gallery


Wow, it really feels like we have been going on about Barcelona forever, not only it one of our favorite places to visit, yet there is always some much... Read more

The Unknown Room at Red gallery


Click to enlarge We managed to get a glimpse of The Unknown Room at Red gallery. This installation was put together to coincide with Close Eyes to Exit,... Read more

LUDO at Starkart gallery – La Belle Vie


We arrived in Zurich to find that the centre of town, near where we are staying is insanely upper class. Ferrari’s and Bentleys cruising the streets... Read more

Miss Van – Twinkles at Magda Danysz Gallery


One of the first stops on our European tour is Paris, France. We spent the first day just walking the streets taking as many shots as we could of the amazing... Read more

HORFE at CELAL gallery


To celebrate the release of Beats&Drips 2 boxset, Sofarida has invited Horfé to Celal gallery for their 1st solo show in France. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chasingghosts/sets/72157626310867397/ The... Read more

Ashes57 X Lava Gallery "On the wild Side"


Lava Gallery has been cranking out quality shows on a week by week basis, this time, Co-founder and art director of the Lava Gallery Ashes57 presented... Read more

Slinkachu X Andipa Gallery "Concrete Ocean".


Slinkachu takes figures from miniature train sets and painstakingly modifies them so that they can be used as part of his almost invisible world. He creates... Read more

Amar Stewart X Lava Gallery


Amar Stewart steps up to the Lava gallery for his first solo show of 2011. We first viewed Amar’s work in the East Gallery in early 2010, the show... Read more

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