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Snail life by Otto Schade at Sunscape Festival, Gozo, Malta


Otto Schade flu to Malta and attended Sunscape festival in Malta. He produced new artwork for the occasion, namely “Snail’s life” which depicts a snail having as its shell, a skull looking one. Special paint was used so the artwork glows... Read more

The Arrow Above: Portrait of a Street Art Icon

Above street art | Art-Pie

Born in California, Arrow is a world-renowned street artist who has kept his identity a secret. His name was created when he began painting the word ‘Above’ on freight trains as a teenager. He later shifted to drawing arrows pointing above,... Read more

Banksy’s new work on a wall of a Bristolian school


The finished work by Banksy of the wall of the school – Copyright Local World A large number of people always get quite to very excited when a new Banksy work is discovered and we must admit, we were one of these this time round when we read this... Read more

7 Prince street art, graffiti & urban tributes to Prince

Prince tribute on the Belfast Cathedral | Art-Pie

Last week saw pop icon, Prince, died at his Minnesota home on Thursday, and, as expected, tribute around the world have been pouring and will probably do so for a long time to come. He died suddenly aged 57, leaving behind a back catalogue spanning rock,... Read more

Happy Easter, related street art and graffiti around the globe

Happy Easter | Art-Pie

Aww Easter… Always a good time, not so much for the religious aspect but rather more for the bank holiday weekend and looming indulgence of chocolate bunnies and eggs. Another thing to look out for are many Easter-themed street art and graffiti... Read more

Spray cans sculptures

Kresimir Buden - Art-Pie

We instantly fell in love when we first saw these little wonders of sculpture. Kresimir Buden 2Fast is the sculptor behind these creations which obviously are graffiti inspired. The artist is based in Zagreb (Croatia) and use various brands of spray... Read more

Something Lurking: The Shadowmen of Richard Hambleton

The Shadowmen by Richard Hambleton | Art-Pie

Richard Hambleton has been called the godfather of street art. He began producing what he called ‘public art’ in New York City in the 1970s. He’s known for the black figures he first painted on the buildings of New York’s Lower... Read more

Shoreditch walk at night


One of the best thing of a work do is to find myself stumbling around the streets of Shoreditch quite to very late at night and snap away the many graffitis or street art pieces I may encounter. If you are even luckier, you may find yourself alone and... Read more

Tristan Eaton and Shepard Fairey to paint at sea


Tristan Eaton Tristan Eaton and Shepard Fairey and other artists are working with Designersbloc on Painted Oceans, a project to preserve and celebrate sea forts off the Kent coast. The Red Sand Sea Forts, which are located just off the east coast of England... Read more

9 Artists Predicted to Make Waves in 2016

Jeff Soto | Art-Pie

If you are into art, you will have heard of the famous names doing the rounds. However, there are many artists currently under the radar who are looking for the chance to break out and make it big. Here are 9 artists who are predicted to make waves in... Read more

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