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Banksys now wears shoes

Banksy | Art-Pie

Have you seen that trend in London? Some street art works  are getting propped up. With sneakers. Thank you Stephanie for sending these in! First... Read more

Brusk’s street art

Brusk's street art | Art-Pie

We like the calligraphic and 3D aspect in this artist. His compositions are also something that make what he does worth talking about. What do you reckon? See... Read more

10 Banksy facts – did you know?

Banksy | Art-Pie

He was behind a famous hoax in 2004, where Photoshopped copies of Paris Hilton’s album were distributed in HMV shops. The same year, he created and... Read more

Meet Plastic Jesus, street artist from Los Angeles

Plastic Jesus | Art-Pie

We only recently heard from Plastic Jesus, a Los Angeles based artist, and while his motivation are clearly political and on that basis can be compared... Read more

Tour 13, the biggest street art display ever

Tour 13 | Art-Pie

There is something beautiful in urban decay when you can imagine how it used to be, how it has been and there was but it might be even more beautiful when... Read more

A quick walk down Camden high street … art

Dan Kitchener | Art-Pie

We happened to be in the Camden area today for shopping related reason but stumbled upon some great street art pieces and no long past before we were snapping... Read more

Loos with some style at Far Rock Away

Far Rock Away | Art-Pie

There is a new boozer in town, located on Curtain road to be precised, and should you fancy having a drink while looking at various pieces from emerging... Read more

Boxart from Melbourne


We could resist to share these as some are really good we think. All utility boxes should come with some artwork. First seen on Land of sunshine  Read More

5 Great Cities For Street Art

5 street art cities | Art-Pie

These days, some of the most interesting artists and art projects from all over the world are accessible from the comfort of our own homes. Whether you’re... Read more

3D street art by Francois Abelanet

Francois Abelanet | Art-Pie

When you know that this 3D piece covers an area of over 400 square meters, you have to appreciate the effort. And when it looks as striking as this you... Read more

Shepard Fairey’s NSA themed Obama posters

NSA Yes We Scan | Art-Pie

Shepard Fairey’s face must have dropped when he saw these “Yes we scan” posters which are a “remix” of his now iconic “Hope”... Read more

FAILE mark in Dublin


We could not help but snapping away the multitude Faile tags we came across during our last trip to Dublin.    Read More

Dublin Street Art

El Mac & Espo | Art-Pie

With some spare time available while on business recently in Dublin I had to put aside the Guinness and amazing Irish stew for a bit and not pass up the... Read more

Jimmy C does David Bowie in Brixton

Jimmy C | Art-Pie

To coincide with (another) David Bowie exhibition, namely “The many faces of David Bowie” opening tonight at Opera gallery, Jimmy C unveiled... Read more

Dale Grimshaw new mural in Blackpool

Dale Grimshaw | Art-Pie

This is a beauty we think. The expression the artist managed to get out of those eyes is something special. We also like the fact that the face seems to... Read more

Nawer x Remi Rough wall at Traffic Design Festival

Remi Rough | Art-Pie

Another day, another pair at it, another sexy piece from Remi Rough who was invited to collaborate with Nawer on a new mural which announces the upcoming... Read more

Upfest 2013

Upfest - Bristol | Art-Pie

The facts 250 Artists | 20,000+ Visitors | 3 Colour Filled Days The date Bank Holiday Weekend | 25th – 27th of May The place North Street –... Read more

Chris Brown and his monsters

Chris Brown monsters | Art-Pie

Yep, as loads of people these days, Chris Brown seemed to have also embraced street art and decided to paint what looks like monsters on his very expensive... Read more

DALeast & Faith47 in Brick Lane


DALeast is back painting another stunning cheetah inspired wall mural in Brick Lane, and his wife Faith47 whose also a professional street art recently... Read more

Conor Harrington in East Dulwich


Looks promising. Pic by @DownInAutumn   Read More

Conor Harrington a​nd Maser collaborati​on

Conor Harrington a​nd Maser collaborati​on

Off Brick Lane. Beauty. Picture by @bablu121  Read More

DALeast and ROA just hit London


DALeast on Rivington street and ROA. We have included images of both pieces and boy they look good, don’t they?! We’ll make sure to go and... Read more

Street Art London by Frank & Steam156

Street Art London | Street by Frank & Steam156

London has become one of the capital of street art if not THE capital of it. Big names such as Eine, Mobstr, Obey, Roa, or Mr. Brainwash, having made the... Read more

CODEFC trip to Thailand

CODEFC Thailand trip

CODEFC just came back from Thailand where he sprayed a few walls. He kindly sent through some pics.  Read More

Conor Harrington hit East London


Despite the dodgy weather in what’s supposed to now be spring, some of our favourite artists haven’t been deterred and continue to get up with... Read more

Metal Gear Rising mural

Metal Gear Rising | Art-Pie

The guys over at END OF THE LINE were commissioned by Konami to paint three enormous murals across the UK for the release of their new game Metal Gear... Read more

Inkfetish, Jasik and Poer collaboration – Rainbow

Inkfetish, Jasik and Poer rainbow | Art-Pie

Fellow crewmates Jasik, Poer and Inkfetish have done some magic on Leonard street and painted a large mural based on the cult kids TV show ‘Rainbow’.  Read More

FinDac, Mr Zero, Fat Heat and more & The Duke of Lancaster

Fat Heat

Mr Zero The Duke of Lancaster, a decommissioned and abandoned cruise liner shipwrecked docked off the North Wales Coastline in Wales has become the home... Read more

Street art from Barcelona

Blu | Miss Kaliansky

Another set of photographs of the lively city that is Barcelona BLU XUPET NEGRE SUSO33 RIPO  Read More

A Video Tour of The Underbelly Project, NYC Subway Station

The Underbelly project

The Underbelly Project started back in 2009 and gathered a bunch of artists such as Revok or Ceaze who covered the walls of a disuse New York city subway... Read more

‘Nuit Blanche’ in Toronto, street art encounters

Green Invaders, 2012 Yves Caizergues - Lyon, France Light Installation

We bring you, somewhat in a belated way, Nuit Blanche or when Toronto was transformed for one night only by hundreds of artists. Stroll all night long... Read more

RUN has hit the walls of Village Underground

RUN at Village Underground | Art-Pie

Artist RUN just finished his piece on the walls of the Village Underground project space and has kindly sent in a few pictures which are shown below. This... Read more

Meet Sluggo, the character made of chalk


If you are from Michigan, we may have stumbled upon Sluggo, a rather alien looking green thing. Ann Arbor – Michigan is where Sluggo lives and chalk... Read more

The amazing street art from DAL


We recently came across the chinese born street artist acting under the alias DAL and were so impressed by his work that we wanted to share some of it... Read more

New York Kings at Pure Evil


Although street art is inviting itself in auction rooms and household lounges these days, it is still regarded by a large majority of us as vandalism.... Read more

Shepard Fairey Sound & Vision show


Shepard Fairey’s Sound and Vision show has been the hot topic in town for the last few weeks. The artist and his crew has hit hard for this show... Read more

Brick Lane street art

Cranio | Art-Pie

Another stroll along the mighty Brick Lane and another set of street art which we woud like to share with you. The LUDO and CRANIO pieces were our favorites.... Read more

Sheperd Fairey’s mural on Bateman’s row

Sheperd Fairey's mural on Bateman's row | Art-Pie

We were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time last week end to see Shepherd Fairey and his team at work. The team worked on a huge piece... Read more

Black Duke Art


A LATVIAN artist, who’s work can be found in a number of European locations, has been revealed as the person responsible for the two giant pirate... Read more

Invaders goes deep and high

Invaders goes under water | Art-Pie

Invader‘s trademark, the so recognisable  pixelated alien character from the even more famous arcade game from the 80′s has been seen by... Read more

La Pandilla art : morphology

La Pandilla " Art-Pie

We have come across La Pandilla art and have liked very much the uniqueness of it. The recurrent theme it’d seem is the animal morphology: different... Read more

Stencil republic, be a street artist

Stencil Republic | Art-Pie

If the thought of having to go out there at night, hood on and a few cans in the pockets seems to you just not doable, the new Stencil Republic book, by... Read more

Global Model Village, the new show and book by Slinkachu

Slinkachu "Global Model Village | Art-Pie

Street sculptor and photographer, Slinkachu has been busy putting together his new show, Global Model Village, which opens September 27th at Andipa... Read more

El-Seed paints the Jara mosque

El Seed - Jara mosque | Art-Pie

Tunisia has been the stage lately of a surge of intolerability towards creativity and especially towards anything to do with a spray can. As a result,... Read more

DEIH and his Insider Series


We talked to the Spanish born graffiti/street art artist DEIH who is part of the XLF CREW. We asked to tell us about him - “I’m painting graffiti... Read more

Pixel pancho – robotic streetart

Pixel Pancho | Art-Pie

We will today look at Italian native Pixel Pancho street art who is currently in Poland to take part in the street art Doping festival held in Warsaw. Pixel... Read more

Escif, Deih, Hyuro09 and more in Valencia

DEIH | Photo by Miss Kaliansky

Another craking set of street art shot by Miss Kaliansky. Features artists : ESCIF | DEIH | HYURO09 & JULIETA DEIH DEIH (left) | JULIETA (right) HYURO09 ESCIF ESCIF... Read more

The Welling Court Mural project

Welling court mural project - Art-Pie

Now its in third edition, a bunch of international artists took on a few block in Astoria, Queens, New-York for Ad Hoc Art’s Welling Court Mural Project... Read more

Liu bolin, the invisible man

Liu Bolin, the invisible man - Art-Pie

Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist who studied art (Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995 and Master of Fine Arts in 2001). He exhibited on a few museums and galleries... Read more

The All City Canvas project in Mexico

All City Canvas - Roa

Take nine artists, from around the world as well as locals and release them in the Distrito Federal’s prime real estate which becomes their canvas –... Read more

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