Cissy Cook at Smithfield gallery: chill out


I had only gone once to the Smithfield gallery a while back ago to see DEUS – works from the UVA (United Visual Artists) and was happily pleased with it although I did not know what to make of it before seeing it. I headed down in the same state of mind last week end to check out their current exhibition – Cissy Cook – new work.

The only thing I know was that Cissy’s work is all about papercuts that mainly picture butterflies. Not the kind of things I am too keen on I first thought but getting to see things you know little of should be the attitude and I am glad I went that day.

Cissy’s work are simple shapes cut out of paper – butterflies or dots. Her works use either one single soft color or a multitude of them, attractive and joyful. The composition is methodical it seems and the 3D effect of them makes the whole thing mesmerizing almost hypnotic, you feel calm when you look at Cissy’s pieces.

Not to mention the amazing light that inundated the gallery that day which added to the feeling of being refreshed and re-energized as I was stepping out of the gallery.

Soothing art I feel like calling this. Nice.

The exhibition runs until the 31th May 2010.


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