SPQR at Pure Evil: Monochromatic shades

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28 Sep


Another exhibition by Signal gallery which I had penciled in as soon as I’d heard about it. The artist, SPQR, has been on the circuit for quite a while now and is a prolific stenciller, so I was not surprised to find, hung up on the walls of Signal gallery, technically very good, quality stencils.

For his first solo show in the UK, SPQR looks at how art can be used to express your disagreement about things surrounding you: society, media, economy, etc. At first sight, and maybe for the non-expert in street art, you may think that what you are looking at is ’some Banksy’, eg. (see pictures below) the reference to a chain of supermarkets and making fun of the police etc, are a parallel with Banksy’s sense of humour.

But SPQR’s stuff is as good as Bansky no doubt, even better perhaps and not just because of his unwillingness to cash in on the hype and fame like other street art artists. But based on what I saw in this show, and in particular the piece in the shop window of the gallery, thumbs up for SPQR

Go on SPQR, a bit of fame and hype you probably deserve won’t hurt, you would just be selling some art, some good street art, which everyone needs in their life!

What would you say: SPQR better than Banksky?

The show ran until the 28th September.

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