8-bitscapes prints now available: want one, defo.

I just love the concept and even more the outcome: a unique series of prints now available to purchase at Prescription Art

8-bitscapes is a collaboration between designer Jamie Sneddon and photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson. The concept is simple: they use well-known classic video game characters such as pac-man or invaders and intricate them into real-life scenarios. The results is just ace.

The first five images from the project are available as signed photographic prints

The available sizes are as follows:
A1: Mounted on Diabond. Edition of 50 for £290
A2: Mounted on Diabond. Edition of 50 for £190
A3: Frame-ready photographic print mounted on card. Edition of 150 for £50

Below are two of these amazing prints

8-bitscapes - Pacmanhattan

8-bitscapes - Rib-bit

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