This is England 2010: quirkiness on Bayswater road


Creativity is something to promote whenever you can, quirkiness is always something that will please the eye and mind of someone looking for something different. Takeshi Mazdakes is certainly one of these artists pushing the boundaries and being after something unique. He might just be achieving this with his exhibition ‘This is England 2010’.

His concept is simple: “I found out a telephone booth which was broken. I thought it could be my gallery. My concept is very simple. Where is my England? and ask what is England.”

Takeshi’s work is so mysterious and quirky that it is definitely worth popping by. Details below.

Enjoy the pics below.

When: 01/09/2010 -30/11/2010
Where: 128-129 Bayswater Rd Paddington, Greater London W2 4 (see a map)
Times: All day
Admission: Free
Nearest Station: Queensway

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Short interview

ART-PIE What is your background?
Takeshi Mazdakes I’m a 33 year old Japanese graphic designer. I’ve been studying English in London because I love British music, especially The Beatles. However, I’ve never heard their songs in public so I’m disappointed. I can hear Lady Gaga wherever I go but where are The Beatles? London is a cosmopolitan city. I love it so much and I want people to think about what England is to them.

A-P Is this your first show?
T-M Yes. When I was10, I thought shoplifting was bad but if I left something in the shop, what would happen? Then I just have fun leaving things which stimulate people in public spaces.


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