Ronzo art Pure Evil: creatures of Crackney

Even if you do not know Ronzo but hang out in Shoreditch or the City, you’ve probably come across his works, I want to talk about his ‘big teeth’ monsters who are (some have been removed) spread over the area, either in the form of small statuettes or on posters

Ronzo is well-known among street art fans in London so it was not surprised to see a large number of people up for his second solo exhibition at Stolen Space.

This show offers a large range of works and proves once again how Ronzo can be creative and juggle between mediums.

A series of paintings, collages, prints and sculptures stand proud in the gallery and should please a large number of people from various backgrounds or tastes. The theme of the show, Crackney’s finest, becomes clear quickly: Ronzo tells us the story of ‘Crackney’ (read Hackney) which he lives and lingers.

Crack smoking squirrels or giant cock-roaches delivering pizzas, Ronzo has gone for the surreal to give his vision of Crackney. And it is right: Hackney can be sometimes sort of surreal, mad perhaps but fun too.

This show also confirms Ronzo’s interest in sculpture, as in recent years he has use the medium more than anything else. The show proudly displays one such sculpture, a huge larger-than-life cock-roach riding a pizza delivering bike, emblazoned with the words: I love Crackney. This piece rotates right at the entrance of the gallery: unique and bold.

It felt good to be at that show and it was definitely enjoyable to look at works ranging from collage to sculpture. Anybody should find a special piece for their likings.

Ronzo’s show is an invitation to enter his vision of Crackney or Hackney. If you are an East London lover, you’ll love this show.

StolenSpace Gallery:
The Old Truman Brewery (Located at the end of the Car Park/ off Dray Walk)
91 Bricklane, London E1 6QL, UK
P: +44 (0) 207 247 2684

Crackney’s finest runs until this Sunday 28th November 2010

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00am – 7:00pm

Enjoy the pics below from the opening night as well as the video of the making of ‘Crunchy’ that can be seen on the Great Eastern Street side of Village Underground.

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CRUNCHY – The Credit Crunch Monster from Ronzo on Vimeo.

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