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Astro Naut – 3D toys

We met with Astro Naut who can be described as a street art sculptor. We need more of his stuff out there as what he does is just awesome and more importantly we like very much the manufacturing aspect of it. Did I mention that he is from Spain, a very creative place.

Astro Naut was kind enough to answer a few questions:

ARTPIE: Tell us about yourself/your crew in a few words?
ASTRO NAUT: Astro Naut is just me, myself and I. I started drawing and pasting up my street art character in 2008 in Madrid, Spain

A-P: For how long have you been doing street art?
A N: I started doing street art in the beginning of 2008, I think. I discover the freedom and the exiting of illegally and I fall in love with it..

A-P: And what drove you towards sculptures rather than other mediums such as paint?
A N: I do all the techniques with my character. I paint, paste up, but what I prefer the most is the sculptures, the toyz. I think It´s another step in street art and I love it!

A-P: What are you trying to say if anything through your sculptures, if anything?
A N: mmmm, there´s no a specific message.

A-P: Tell us a bit more what your sculpture are made of/ your making process?
A N: The mattress if made of silicon. The toyz are made of plaster and painted with spray and markers.

A-P: Any other project in the pipeline
A N: Well, I´m developing the second generation of my sculptures. And I´ve just finished this mural in Madrid.. (see photo below)

Mural in Madrid