Video painting: showing the world in real time

What an exciting concept and so twenty-first century! Any web 2.0 person with a strong interest in art has to embrace this concept.

Not surprising that the idea blossomed in a philosopher mind – Hilary Lawson who is also a documentary film maker.

What is all about then?

‘escape the limitations of the traditional video narrative’
‘escape our cultural and perceptual closures, freeing the viewer to play in the openness of the image’

Wow, well said folks from the Open Gallery which now represents the Artscape project – the collective of artists founded by Mr Lawson in 2003

Immerse yourself into the piece you are looking at, just experience it, get out of it a simple feeling. Ditch the attempts to understand why, just enjoy the what is in front of your eyes.

Yes, video painting will set you free so check out that piece from Mr Lawson entitled Play in Three Acts

Check the open gallery website for more videos –

For the techies, computer scientists developed in 2003 a technology (known as Laluna) which enabled video paintings to be stored and played in such a manner that their order did not repeat (but was also not random) getting thus rid of the constraint that limit the potential of video art.

I do not know for you guys but ART-PIE is now very impatient to go and check it out at the Open Gallery so watch this space!


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