Banksy v. King Robbo or when 2 legends clash

And here we go again. ‘I am the best, you are not’. ‘There is only one place a the top and it’s mine’.


Banksy’s latest work has landed him in an old fashioned street fight. He indeed thought he’ll modernize a 24-year-old work by ‘King Robbo’ in Camden, North London. Nice idea you may think straight away knowing Banksy’s talent and yes what he did on last year Xmas day (see picture below) was pretty cool but then Mr ‘King Robbo’ did not like it, did not accept that one of his pieces got revamped and responded in kind by obliterating the artist’s work with 3ft high silver letters spelling out his name (see picture below).

Right, what have we got here? A rather appalling looking graffiti now but more importantly two very talented street artists that clearly do not like each other and arguing for some respect over who is ‘The Chief’ or whatever you want to call it – is it the pioneering vandal from the eighties or the guy from the West who got street art some sort of recognition in the vast art world. Jeez… Stop that now and get your spray cans out and stick on the walls wicked graffiti like you can do and drop the guns, stop arguing like teens.

Mr Bansky, maybe ask next time before retouching someone else’s work because with all the respect ART-PIE understands Mr King Robbo’s reaction – art pieces you make can be something artists get very attached to and therefore you want to protect them and Mr King Robbo do not worry you are a legend as the same level as Mr Banksy is!

Make graffiti, not war.