Faile at Lazarides – part 1


15 Mar


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If you like street art or graffiti, you know that you should find some good stuff at Lazarides as these guys have been around for a while and primarily sell this type of art. Artists such as Antony Micallef or Jamie Hewlett to name just a few have seen their first artwork being sold by Lazarides.
The exhibition, a retrospective of Faile’s work over the last 10 years consists of two parts, the first bit is held on Greek street and is the fun and interactive one, the second one is a more classical exhibition held on Rathbone place is all about showing you a number of Faile’s pieces from when he started up to today. ART-PIE went to the latter one (but will go this week end to the one on Greek street soon!)

What came to my mind right away as I was looking at his first artwork is the unique style these two have which most definitely makes it so popular. Prints, collages, paintings there is a load going on any Faile’s work but this apparent mess becomes comprehensible if you bother looking at it a bit longer.

Unique way of using flyers and posters with pop culture all over them – brilliant

This exhibition runs until the 27th March 2010.


Author: Pierrick Senelaer

Founder and owner of the Art-Pie site and always trying to share the creativity I come across. Modern and street art encounters are everywhere and I like sharing it with you

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