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Momentary, the new solo show by Carne Griffiths

Carne Griffiths | Art-Pie

We have been following the rise of Carne Griffiths, an artist painting with unusual mediums such as tea, who has become an established and respected figure in the art world. ‘Momentary’, his biggest solo show to date, he told us, is opening... Read more

We talked to Dave White, ahead of his new show ‘Critical’

Dave White | Art-Pie

Dave white in his studio in Dorset We at Art-Pie have enjoyed following the work of contemporary British Artist Dave White for many years. We are drawn to the energy of his explosive and dripping paint style, and moved by his primary subject matter of... Read more

The striking style of Kerry Beall

Kerry Beal | Art-Pie

Detail of “Space” | This piece will be in our next show We had wanted for a while to have Kerry Beall in one of our edition of The Creative Bubble, a multi-discipline pop up event atRoxy Bar and Screen, London. Art-Pie – Can you tell... Read more

Meet James Kinsella, a visual artist from Austria

James Kinsella | Art-Pie

Detail of “Hofbauergasse” | This piece will be in our next show We were thrilled to receive James’ submission for our upcoming edition of The Creative Bubble, a multi-discipline pop up event atRoxy Bar and Screen, London. James has... Read more

Meet Stephen Whatcott, pastel artist at its best

Stephen Whatcott | Art-Pie

Details of “Alex Reading” | This piece will be in our next show Stephen Whatcott is now a regular with The Creative Bubble, a multi-discipline pop up event at Roxy Bar and Screen, London. The first time we came across his work, we just thought... Read more

Jester Jacques Interviews Novemto Komo

Novemto Komo | Art-Pie

Jester Jacques – First of all, how did your interest in art making come about? Were there any specific events or influences in your childhood which swayed you to be more creative? Novemto Komo – I have always been doodling since I was kid,... Read more

The Memory Industry

Untitled 2008, (c)Darren Nixon “One of the reasons I source mainly from newspaper, television and internet imagery is because the way we interact with these media shapes so many of our opinions about the world around us. Most of what I know about the... Read more

The Sparrow, the Pearl and the Iridescsnt Girl

“Fairy tales challenge the reader to imagine magical worlds different from our own. We are reminded by the fairy tale of the thing we never should have forgotten — that our world might have been different and is magical the way it is: unexplainable,... Read more

Value which is of Value

10 x 10 by Kate Murdoch

10 x 10, ©2008 – 2012 Kate Murdoch “If there is value which is of value, it must lie outside of all happening and being so. For all happening and being-so is accidental.” Ludwig Wittgenstein 6.41, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus This quote from... Read more

The Problems of Language

Images of Assumptions (c)Sarah Hervey

Sarah Hervey has a note in her sketchbook, it reads, “Wittgenstein maintained every statement rested on unproven assumptions and illogical associations”. With regard to language there are four problems outlined by Bertrand Russell in his 1922 introduction... Read more