Meet Eddie Breen: piggyback art


About 10 years ago, Chris Sammartano (Eddie Breen is his ‘brush name’) stumbled upon a “horrible” painting at a flea market. He bought it for a dollar, picked up some art supplies, and got to work transforming the staid church scene into his own vibrant vision.

An hour or so later, he had created “Piggyback Art,” an exuberantly surreal style that reimagines found works with layers of text, color, and offbeat graphic elements.

ART-PIE really like the concept which may sound disrespectful or vandalistic to some of you but art is after all expressing a vision, the artist’s vision and in this case it means using others’ imagination or piece. Regenerated artwork and in most cases radically different is what you get here.

Recycling art or sustainable art that is. Crazy artist he is. Worth a post, definitely.

From the artist –
At Breen Studios, tired art is carefully crafted in the Piggyback Art process, revitalized with new paint and meaning. Art side effects, though rare, may include dizziness, nausea and existential despair! “Whenever I paint something, I have to be a wiseguy, I can’t help myself. I’m the guy in school who would sit in the library and deface photos of fashion models and politicians in magazines. I’d black out their teeth, white out their eyes and scribble in devil horns and beards. I guess I’m still doing it.”


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