Boy Soldiers Exhibition at Graffik London


A group of specially selected artists that have come together to produce their unique interpretations of the legendary Howard Marks (known as an elite British drug smuggler)

Artists taking part include Goldie, Charles Lutz and Terry Cryer, and these exclusive portraits will culminate in an exhibition at RedHouse Originals (Harrogate) in October to coincide with the UK cinema release of the ‘Mr Nice’ film.

Quick note about ‘Mr Nice’ film + trailer below: The film is really about the legalisation of marijuana. Marks at one point steals the identity of a Mr Nice (prounced like the French city), but the idea behind the name is that he’s flouting authority and supplying all the cool people of the UK with a happy drug, and so he’s actually a really great bloke.

Also Goldie will exhibit a “Boy Soldiers” along with D*Face, Dan Baldwin, Matt Small, Mau Mau, Inkie, Best Ever, Insa, K-Guy, Fin Dac, Part2ism, Pen1, , Grafter, and many more.

“Boy Soldiers” will be shown in 2 Venues: Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard Street London EC2A 4AS from 2nd-4th Sept and Graffik London Gallery, 284 Portobello Rd, London, W10 5TE 6th-12th September


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