WX Street Party: the rise of the non-conformists

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18 Aug


Summer time and outdoors urban art exhibition sound like they are made for each other so you imagine my excitement when I heard about the Whitecross street party.

I am lucky enough to work quite near the area and had unfairly some might say went a few days earlier to get a sneak preview at the artworks which were starting to pop up everywhere on the walls of Whitecross street. The huge piece from Burning Candy had definitely open my appetite for more.

I turned up then early afternoon on Saturday and was happy to see that the street was fairly busy with heads going up and down the surrounding walls and fingers pointing at will. I was quick to join and enjoy Burning Candy, EElus or Best Ever pieces.

I was disappointed though by the lack of live events. I perhaps should have turned up earlier and could have attended the giant knitting event or was I expecting too much? Anyway, it was good to see some artists at it at least stenciling and spraying away.

Good day out overall and definitely some awesome pieces to go and see. The street exhibition runs until the 5th September.

Featured artists:
Best Ever | Burning Candy Crew | Carrie Reichardt | David Bray | Dead Leg | Dotmasters | Dr.D | Eelus | Filthy Luker | Gavin Turk | Giles Walker | Small | Mysterious Al | Mr.E.Dawe | Paul Insect | Peter Dunne | Ronnie Wood | Shepherd Fairey | Teddy Baden | Will Barras | Wreckage | Xenz

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