Panik at Pure Evil

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16 Nov


Panik is a renowned graffiti artist in London and beyond. Member of the ATG (Ahead of The Game) crew, you probably came across his work across Camden or Kentish Town. his mark can been seen also in the streets of Barcelona or Prague.

However the sight of Panik running across rooftops with ladders and spray paints might belong to the past. Indeed, he has decided to drop the cans (well at least for now and for a bit) and is taking his work from the street to the studio after getting in trouble from the police (he was on bail for a year, then got fined, community service and a suspended jail sentence!)

The result of this is his first gallery show at Pure Evil gallery where he presents us with a series of work all produced indoors.

There is no much to say about his works, they are well executed, no question about it, but they do lack of originality. When you saw one, you have seen them all. The few number of pieces hung in the gallery do not offer much novelty nor surprise to the viewer.

Much more impressive and covering the gallery walls, are the huge scale spray painted curves and well-known character faces which shows what Panik is clearly good at – his outdoors graffiti artist roots are clear here.

Painting indoors, in a studio and on paper or canvases is not something he has experienced much and we are looking at the work of an artist who is obviously still looking for his marks as a studio artist. His works are anything more than a series of very similar drawings broken down in different colors tones.

Panik is still young (in his mid-twenties) and is beginning a new type of career in the art world and it may take some time for him to blossom but he is on the right track to deliver awesomeness sooner rather than later.

Enjoy the pics below from the opening night.

The show runs until the 28th November 2010.



Author: Pierrick Senelaer

Founder of the Art-Pie site. I design and code websites and apps Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 and enjoy drawing, painting and visits to museums and galleries at night and weekends.

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