Dick in FSB Captivity, the latest from VOINA

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19 Apr


Voina, a russian art collective, is making people to talk about them again. They have done crazy things in the past such as hurling live cats at McDonalds workers, engaging in a full-on orgy in a state museum, and shoplifting a raw chicken from a store by hiding it in one member’s vagina!

Their members got in all sort of problems of course with some being put in jail but they are now recognized by the establishment, VOINA has indeed just received one of the highest honors for contemporary art in their country Russia.

Dick in FSB Captivity is why they got this award. The artwork is a 210-foot outline of a penis on a drawbridge facing the the headquarters of the state security services, yes the KGB. When the drawbridge raises, the penis appeared to become erect – genius.

Bansky takes a keen interest in VOINA and gave a large amount of cash earlier this year to get two members of the collective out of custody.

Art terrorism like some call it?

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Author: Pierrick Senelaer

Founder of the Art-Pie site. I design and code websites and apps Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 and enjoy drawing, painting and visits to museums and galleries at night and weekends.

2 responses to “Dick in FSB Captivity, the latest from VOINA”

  1. Jcee says:

    Yes it was a genius move. Voina are cutting edge in that they know what buttons to press to get a reaction. It is kind of ironic that they got a state prize for the penis because Voina has the state in its cross-hairs. Word is they are diverting the prize money toward the needs of political prisoners.

    Activist art is under threat… most recently Seranno’s Piss Christ. Link here to Drive-by Times.. also to a related cartoon:



  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment Jcee. VOINA clearly know where it hurts. They are very brave and fearless and their actions needs to be relayed so I’ll keep an eye on them and will post more about them

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